Translation of gatepost in Spanish:


poste, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡeɪtˌpoʊst//ˈɡeɪtpəʊst/


  • 1

    poste masculine
    (de una verja) pilar masculine
    • Outside gateposts on every street hangs the American flag.
    • She said she believed if they had not had strong brick gateposts the car could have ended up crashing into their home.
    • The new building includes three windows, some stone and gateposts from the old church.
    • Heavy equipment such as combine harvesters have never been used here so the widening of gateposts and doorways has not been necessary.
    • Parts of the gateway remain, including a pair of stone gateposts.
    • On gateposts here and there are pumpkin jack-o'-lanterns, softly mouldering away, some with smoky eyes from exhausted candles.
    • Surrounded by debris, two charred 12 ft solid stone gateposts remained in place at the entrance with the carved letters ‘VR’ - for Victoria Regina - still visible on their fronts.
    • Its stone gateposts appear to have been purpose-built.
    • Like crowning jewels, these ceramic finials for deck railing, fence posts, or gateposts add sculptural details and rich color to an outdoor setting.
    • Furthermore, the fact that the river is walled on each side, downstream of bridge, and there are gateposts on the river is also interesting.
    • About five seconds too late, Jill slammed the gate shut, with my finger stuck between gate and gatepost.
    • The path is indistinct at first but beyond a gatepost it becomes a track running downhill to another stone post.
    • I gingerly manoeuvred it between the gateposts and, as our house is midway between two corners about 100 yards apart and necessitates a quick getaway, I decided to turn left onto the road.
    • I remember being on a train and I had to stop looking out of the window because I was getting dizzy and had a headache from all the novelty - all those gateposts and fences!
    • We strolled up to a tongue of forest, entered its cold-store chill and emerged to a comfortable sandwich spot and warmed on prostrate stone gateposts.
    • The last slanting light turned the white fence and gateposts a buttery yellow.
    • She took me around, pointing out a building which had just had its slates stolen, gateposts which had lost their urns, and stonework in a precarious state which had been salvaged by her ancestor when the old facade had been demolished.
    • In the remains of the village the factory crumbles quietly, blocks of concrete and old gateposts tell of what has been.
    • They are also seeking a green light on an application to build new boundary walls, garden walls, entrance gates and gateposts at The Manor House they bought for £3 million two years ago.
    • For £1, 000, he has agreed to clear the garden of boulders, build the gateposts and paint and repair the guttering.