Translation of gather in Spanish:


congregarse, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈɡaðə//ˈɡæðər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (crowd) congregarse
    (crowd) reunirse
    (crowd) juntarse
    they gathered round the table se reunieron / se agruparon en torno a la mesa
    • the storm clouds were gathering se avecinaba la tormenta

transitive verb

  • 1

    (mushrooms/flowers) juntar
    (flowers/mushrooms) recoger
    (information) reunir
    (information) juntar
    (people) reunir
    to gather dust juntar / acumular polvo
    • the typewriters are just gathering dust las máquinas de escribir están ahí sin hacer nada
  • 2

    (thoughts) ordenar
    (thoughts) poner en orden
    (strength/energy) juntar
    (strength/energy) hacer acopio de
  • 3

    (gain gradually)
    (speed) ir adquiriendo
  • 4

    I gather from what you're saying that you don't agree deduzco por / de lo que dices que no estás de acuerdo
    • you don't agree, I gather según parece no estás de acuerdo
    • I didn't gather much from the doctor el médico no me dijo gran cosa
    • you will have gathered who he is by now ya te habrás dado cuenta de quién es
    • she's left her job — so I gather ha dejado el trabajo — así parece / eso tengo entendido
  • 5

    she gathered the shawl closer around her shoulders se envolvió mejor con el chal
    • he gathered the blanket about himself se arropó con la manta
  • 6

    he gathered the child into his arms tomó al niño en sus brazos
  • 7

    (by sewing)
    a gathered skirt una falda fruncida

reflexive verb

  • 1literary

    to gather oneself disponerse


  • 1

    fruncido masculine
    frunce masculine
    • A lot of young girls had experienced terrible intimidation by the crowds gathered around the shop in the past.
    • And judging from the crowds gathered around the trophy and the queues looping around the Brunel Plaza, the tour looks to be on target for success.
    • A crowd had gathered around one of the cottages in the town square.
    • Many in a strong crowd, who had gathered around the screens, were heard to remark it was all about politics rather than singing and the song.
    • A crowd of 300 demonstrators gathered around the jail, hurling firebombs, rockets and stones at the patrol.
    • As we stood there conversing in this manner, a crowd gathered around to listen.
    • I still remember a lover's quarrel last February when I'd walked desolately along Madison Avenue, only to come across a small crowd gathered around the store.
    • Nearby, anxious crowds gathered around lists of injured posted on the walls of the hospital buildings.
    • Crowds also gathered around a television where footage of the annual school drills from the 1960s was being shown.
    • The sporting entertainment kicked off early in the day as crowds gathered around large TV screens to watch the World Cup final.
    • A crowd gathered around one of the burned-out cars.
    • He said that when he arrived on the scene at 2.46 pm a crowd of youths had gathered around the southern edge of the lagoon, off Northfield Lane.
    • And again, she told herself that as she entered the party and viewed the crowd of fans gathered around him.
    • The grocery shop was next door to the sweet shop and when I got there I saw a crowd of children gathered around a television camera and some photographers.
    • Philip's statement brought a ripple of laughter from the crowd of assembled contestants gathered around the archery range.
    • It seems that a crowd of them had gathered around the quarrelling demonstrators, while the British cops attempted to keep the two sides apart.
    • Large crowds have gathered around him, and he begins to teach them.
    • A big crowd gathered around the freshly painted Red Cross Centre to join in the celebrations of the new facilities to the region.
    • Mike looked around at the assemblage gathered around him.
    • From atop a tree-house, the big picture of a man with a white flowing beard gazed down on a merry crowd gathered around a huge cake.