Translation of gather in Spanish:


congregarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈɡæðər//ˈɡaðə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (crowd) congregarse
    (crowd) reunirse
    (crowd) juntarse
    they gathered round the table se reunieron / se agruparon en torno a la mesa
    • the storm clouds were gathering se avecinaba la tormenta
    • A crowd gathered around one of the burned-out cars.
    • And again, she told herself that as she entered the party and viewed the crowd of fans gathered around him.
    • I still remember a lover's quarrel last February when I'd walked desolately along Madison Avenue, only to come across a small crowd gathered around the store.
    • From atop a tree-house, the big picture of a man with a white flowing beard gazed down on a merry crowd gathered around a huge cake.
    • As we stood there conversing in this manner, a crowd gathered around to listen.
    • Mike looked around at the assemblage gathered around him.
    • And judging from the crowds gathered around the trophy and the queues looping around the Brunel Plaza, the tour looks to be on target for success.
    • It seems that a crowd of them had gathered around the quarrelling demonstrators, while the British cops attempted to keep the two sides apart.
    • Many in a strong crowd, who had gathered around the screens, were heard to remark it was all about politics rather than singing and the song.
    • A crowd had gathered around one of the cottages in the town square.
    • The sporting entertainment kicked off early in the day as crowds gathered around large TV screens to watch the World Cup final.
    • Philip's statement brought a ripple of laughter from the crowd of assembled contestants gathered around the archery range.
    • Crowds also gathered around a television where footage of the annual school drills from the 1960s was being shown.
    • A big crowd gathered around the freshly painted Red Cross Centre to join in the celebrations of the new facilities to the region.
    • A lot of young girls had experienced terrible intimidation by the crowds gathered around the shop in the past.
    • The grocery shop was next door to the sweet shop and when I got there I saw a crowd of children gathered around a television camera and some photographers.
    • Large crowds have gathered around him, and he begins to teach them.
    • A crowd of 300 demonstrators gathered around the jail, hurling firebombs, rockets and stones at the patrol.
    • He said that when he arrived on the scene at 2.46 pm a crowd of youths had gathered around the southern edge of the lagoon, off Northfield Lane.
    • Nearby, anxious crowds gathered around lists of injured posted on the walls of the hospital buildings.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(amass)

      (mushrooms/flowers) juntar
      (mushrooms/flowers) recoger
      (information) reunir
      (information) juntar
      (people) reunir
      to gather dust juntar / acumular polvo
      • the typewriters are just gathering dust las máquinas de escribir están ahí sin hacer nada
      • A compiled fist is data gathered from third-party public sources, such as government records, newspapers and directories.
      • Stars are not scattered randomly through space, they are gathered together into vast groups known as galaxies.
      • We've gathered reports from sources we trust - and we plan to add more.
      • August to November heralds another period of fair weather, when the harvest is gathered in.
      • The abundance of apple sellers, though, harks back to the old days when all the crops would be gathered in and no fruit picked after this date for the puca, a supernatural being, would be busy spoiling unpicked fruit at Halloween.
      • I gathered the information from books and other sources and created the pages.
      • Nevertheless here, and in the Source book, material previously scattered in archives is gathered together and ordered.
      • The former is deathmatch with the expected setting choices, while the latter is a competition to gather items scattered around the maps.
      • The growth of the internet has made it so easy for people both to gather information from diverse sources and to disseminate information to diverse recipients.
      • He gathers information from a variety of sources such as newspapers, trade journals, and books on the latest topics and trends.
      • ‘For the fifth task, you must gather both flags and bring them back here,’ said Bradley.
      • To most Pagans Samhain is a sacred day - a time when the last harvests are gathered in before winter's arrival, and the time when family members who have passed away are remembered and honored.
      • All information contained herein is gathered from sources we believe to be reliable.
      • Student editors spend an enormous amount of time gathering every source cited by the author, then checking each one to make sure it supports what the author is saying.
      • He scoured medical textbooks and science web sites to gather information on the sources of many human illnesses.
      • Many of the Christian themes scattered throughout his writings are here gathered together.
      • Earlier literature was gathered from non-electronic sources by the authors.
      • I tried to gather the suddenly scattered memories of court etiquette that had been drilled into me since I understood the concept of courtesy.
      • We've gathered information from many sources and organized it to provide complete yet understandable information on decisions you now face.
      • Journalists will protect their confidential sources and will try to gather information with honest and legal means and will not conceal their occupation.
      • All the information used for the article was gathered from public sources.
      • I gathered a crew and brought in reinforcements from Brooklyn.
      • The main sources used to gather information were as follows.

    • 1.2(marshal)

      (thoughts) ordenar
      (thoughts) poner en orden
      (strength/energy) juntar
      (strength/energy) hacer acopio de
      • John gathered himself up, trying to look important.
      • Brian stopped at the red light, and gathered himself.
      • Finally, I gathered my courage and brought my gaze up to look at him.
      • She could hear then breathing and gathering their courage.
      • When they've gathered themselves within striking range, we're dead.
      • Feeling utterly stupid I gathered myself up from under the rubble and hobbled inelegantly to find a first aider.
      • He blinked a few times before he gathered himself.
      • Somehow, they gathered themselves to beat Limerick in the first round of the qualifiers but the core discontent hadn't been addressed.
      • That barren garden: where, presumably, he soon woke, wounded, worried, gathering himself together, and vowed never to return.
      • Still, after a certain number of blows, I managed to gather myself to the degree that I knew what to do, which was to run.
      • He gathered himself up and tried to perform first aid.
      • For years he had longed for his friendship with this woman to become something more, and having recently gathered up the nerve to court her, his wishes had been granted.
      • I chuckled, but finally gathered myself and stopped laughing.
      • In search of some peace, I gathered myself out of bed.
      • He stared for a moment, gathered himself mentally, and bowed his head.
      • Thankfully that was not the case as the lads once again gathered themselves and shot two late points to secure that all-important victory.
      • She gathered herself up and took a good look around.
      • But they gathered themselves and came good at the last.
      • He gathered himself up with as much dignity as he could muster before glaring at me.
      • That was when she gathered her senses and noticed the mosaic floor beneath her.

    • 1.3(gain gradually)

      (speed) ir adquiriendo
      • He gathered speed and hovered near the largest group of battling soldiers.
      • By the mid-1990s, a new strategy began to gather force.
      • The whirlwind romance took a little time to gather speed - just a quarter of a century.
      • Then it gathered speed and fell with an enormous crash.
      • Inspired by prohibition in the US, his campaign soon gathered momentum and the Alliance became a political force to be reckoned with.
      • The result of these forces gathering momentum in the coming fight over policy, he says, will be an historic clash with massive implications for the coming decades.
      • There were lots of reasons which gathered speed over the years but I still love him.
      • The desire for speed gathered momentum in the twentieth century as America's strategic obligations broadened across the globe.
      • When bad times hit, they lose faith, and, instead of giving a new product time to gather speed, they force it into a seemingly more certain, established market.
      • Colliding with shorter broken lines along the way, each element seems to gather energy and speed in a display of centrifugal force.
      • It appeared to gather speed and then veered off to her right and out of her view.
      • I braced myself as we sped up the hard shoulder for what seemed like an eternity before we'd gathered enough speed to join the motorway.
      • Marie gets out her map as the train gathers speed toward Elephant and Castle.
      • Until our campaign gathers speed - and we'd imagine we're in for a pretty long wait - we have an archery game for you to play today.
      • If you set a snowball off down a hill it will gather speed and momentum and that's what's happened here.
      • To do so would be a mistake, for the novel gathers force and what appears to be a woolly, romantic start turns out to be necessary and crafted.
      • As we gathered speed out of Mazatlan, the empty window frames offered a cooling breeze through the stuffy carriage, and I started to take stock of the characters travelling around us.
      • Moving under its own weight, the trolley gathered speed up to 40 mph and would have reached the men on the track at Tebay in minutes.
      • Smoke twisted from the jaws of the stack, the big wheel turned, slowly at first, gathering momentum and speed.
      • As the glacier gathers speed on the steeper sides of the mountain, it contorts and breaks, forming gnarled canyons and crevices of blue ice which are both beautiful and lethal.

  • 2

    I gather from what you're saying that you don't agree deduzco por / de lo que dices que no estás de acuerdo
    • you don't agree, I gather según parece no estás de acuerdo
    • I didn't gather much from the doctor el médico no me dijo gran cosa
    • you will have gathered who he is by now ya te habrás dado cuenta de quién es
    • she's left her job — so I gather ha dejado el trabajo — así parece / eso tengo entendido
    • Indeed, the genre blurring of the title is intended, one gathers, to apply not only to Manet and Flaubert but also to Reed's own text.
    • You will have gathered by now that it would be an understatement to say he is no admirer of his subject.
    • One gathers from their questions that this was a rare encounter.
    • The director, one gathers, wants a Paris Commune purified of all its difficult and perhaps unpleasant associations, a kind of utopian model to hold out to today's radical protesters.
  • 3

    • 3.1(wrap)

      she gathered the shawl closer around her shoulders se envolvió mejor con el chal
      • he gathered the blanket about himself se arropó con la manta

    • 3.2(sweep)

      he gathered the child into his arms tomó al niño en sus brazos

  • 4

    (by sewing)
    a gathered skirt una falda fruncida
    • Jersey and stretch linen are gathered faintly reminiscent of ancient Greece, yet wrapped around the body in hourglass silhouettes.
    • Pull up the threads to gather the fabric into pleats.
    • Pull the basting bobbin threads to gather the skirt.
    • The fabric is gathered at the waist with a belt which is tied at the side.
    • The dress was a pale lime green, it had a wasp waist and the skirt was gathered the tiniest bit to give it some twirl.
    • Affix rope, fringe or cording to an ordinary throw pillow or gathered slipcover skirt.
    • The cami tied around my neck and scooped in the back, with some ruffly parts down the middle of the back (not overblown ruffles, just gathered fabric).

reflexive verb


  • 1

    • She reached out for him, with both hands outstretched, and he responded by standing, and gently pulling her to her feet, and gathering her into his arms.
    • He gathered me up into his arms and pulled me close into him.
    • In the next instant I felt him pulling me to him, gathering me into his arms.
    • I gathered up my little ones with just the clothes we were wearing and left for good, not looking back and not knowing our destiny.
    • He smiled at her and then gathered her into an embrace holding her tightly with his muscular arms.
    • The two embrace and gather the child between them.
    • He stretches over her onto his side of the bed and slides into it, pulling the covers up and gathering her into his arms.
    • Then we'd stopped and Wilson had gathered me into his arms, pulling me onto his lap as he claimed a swing.


  • 1

    fruncido masculine
    frunce masculine