Translation of gauge in Spanish:


calcular, v.

(US gage)

Pronunciation: /ɡeɪdʒ//ɡeɪdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (size/amount/distance) calcular
  • 2

    (judge, assess)
    (character) juzgar
    (character) evaluar
    (possibilities/effects) evaluar
  • 3



  • 1

    indicador masculine
    a pressure/temperature/depth gauge un indicador de presión/temperatura/profundidad
    • oil/fuel gauge indicador (del nivel) del aceite/de la gasolina
    • How do we measure democracy or gauge our transformation over the last ten years?
    • Researchers also recorded the subjects' body mass index - a measure used to gauge obesity.
    • The enzyme's angular torque profile under load can be gauged by measuring the average curvature and the stochastic fluctuations of actin filaments.
    • To gauge the right quantity of the stabilizer, consult the instructions on its can.
    • The consultation process is part of a Government exercise to gauge public support for a directly elected regional assembly for Yorkshire and the Humber.
    • They attempted to gauge sediment deposits over that period by measuring core-layer fluctuations in the ratio of barium to calcium.
    • That portrait paradigm measured an image's accuracy by gauging its success in representing the precise topography of its subject's face.
    • Doctors are now better at using indirect measures to gauge pain and the effectiveness of treatment, and self controlled analgesia and epidural anaesthesia have been adapted for use in children.
    • The length of his contract is measured in years, but his popularity and competence are gauged from game to game, on a sliding scale that depends largely on what hot coaches are on the market.
    • When taken together, these two measurements can help people who engage in addictive behaviors gauge their progression into addiction.
    • The researchers relied on a measure known as body mass index to gauge obesity.
    • Radar gun readings gauge the raw ability of pitchers, but no such measure exists for hitters.
    • The researchers note that their study only measured eye movement, and did not directly gauge a driver's concentration or attention.
    • You can only gauge how well any tool works by putting it into action.
    • This approach of measuring user performance helps us gauge the quality of our improvements through successive rounds of refinement of the architecture.
    • A measure of the popularity of this district can be gauged by the bookings.
    • While the report speaks glowingly about the positive economic spinoffs of a healthy arts community, measuring a city's culture isn't the same as gauging the impact of, say, its manufacturing sector.
    • Targeted mostly at men, the program gauges fat loss through waist measurement, not weight, and encourages lifestyle changes, such as eating differently and exercising more.
    • The correlation between size - as measured by fanbase - and stature - as gauged by success - used to be universal.
    • What's the best way then to measure particle pollution so that we can gauge the full impact of diesel exhaust?
    • It's also a valuable and necessary means of measuring the facility department's performance and gauging areas where improvement may be needed.
    • In the end the party was a success, and I gauge that on a few measures.
    • Not in recent memory has it been so difficult to gauge the prospects for going public, but a veteran entrepreneur helps clear things up.
    • It wasn't just the rain that made me less than enthusiastic as I listened to the speeches and tried to gauge the mood around me.
    • The big decisions can wait until the summer after he has had a chance to gauge the situation.
    • Since then sociologists and pollsters have returned periodically to gauge the mood of Middle America.
    • The measure of what I say can be gauged from our treatment of our emigrants.
    • Under that model, teachers, students, and schools are gauged by how their test scores measure up.
    • The toughest part of their work is the futility of using quantitative measurements to gauge performance.
    • Usually she could gauge his moods but this was an extreme situation.
    • Armed with information he could gauge the situation, perhaps simply buying cheap or, more subtly, offering new violins for old.
    • No longer, then, do we call upon the great books or teachings of western culture to measure our words or gauge our actions.
    • Whips try to gauge the mood of members, assess how they will express their unhappiness with party policies, and cajole, bully, or conciliate the potential dissident.
    • These types really reflect different ways of gauging the validity of a measure of a concept.
    • Leaders should then take the process one step further by setting specific goals - the measures for gauging whether or not they're getting close to fulfilling their mission.
    • But as an election is less than a year away, most political activists will prefer to save their energies for gauging public mood and speculation about who will be bed down politically with whom thereafter.
    • They sat gauging the situation by their mother's expression.
    • By what measures do you gauge your endorsement?
    • I had now learned to gauge her emotional moods like a seismologist reads a Richter scale.
    • It looks as if our ‘leaders’ are listening to the poor, that they are using the opportunity provided by electioneering to gauge the public mood.
    • We looked for a scale or some measuring instrument and eventually found a makeshift stick to gauge the quantity left.
    • It isn't a tangible quantity; it can't be measured or gauged.
    • It had 400 full-time people working in the water and soil division, gauging the rivers and measuring the flows.
    • The machine gauges the coin's weight and dimensions very quickly.
    • Wendy pulled out a tape measure and gauged the distance between the side of the dryer and the wall.
  • 2

    calibre masculine
    (of fibre) galga feminine
  • 3

    (measure, indication)
    indicio masculine
    an accurate gauge of popular feeling un fiel indicio del sentir popular
  • 4

    (width of track)
    entrevía feminine
    ancho de vía masculine Spain
    trocha feminine Southern Cone
    narrow gauge trocha angosta feminine Southern Cone
  • 5US

    (of shotgun)
    calibre masculine