Translation of gauntlet in Spanish:


guante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡɔntlət//ˈɡɑntlət//ˈɡɔːntlət/


  • 1

    guante masculine
    (of suit of armor) guantelete masculine
    (of suit of armor) manopla feminine
    to pick up the gauntlet recoger el guante
    • to run the gauntlet
    • she had to run the gauntlet of press photographers tuvo que aguantar el acoso de los fotógrafos
    • to throw down the gauntlet arrojar el guante
    • Both men are in complete armor; the duke's helmet and gauntlets lie at his sides, while Saint George, a dragon coiled around his legs, removes his helmet with his right hand.
    • In other words, the most successful stabilization force is one that wears both the mailed gauntlet and the velvet glove.
    • Some knights were cited as wearing mail gloves under their plated gauntlets for added strength.
    • He donned the mail breastplate and leggings, and put on a pair of steel gauntlets and boots.
    • He dropped his swords and pummelled the paladin's helm with his armoured gauntlets, knocking him backwards and disorientating him for a second.

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