Translation of gavotte in Spanish:


gavota, n.

Pronunciation /ɡəˈvɒt//ɡəˈvɑt/


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    gavota feminine
    • Despite the fact that her head was beginning to pound horridly, she determinedly held her head high and slowly danced the gavotte perfectly without letting the book fall.
    • Kent is oblivious to the fact that he couldn't possibly fit into this rarefied social environment, where the Social Dance is as complex as a gavotte.
    • A group of dancers in period costumes will recreate baroque dances including a minuet and a gavotte.
    • Before the mid-17th century a gavotte usually followed a series of branles, a dance to which it was closely related, and was performed in a line or circle.
    • Meanwhile, away from the pain and hurt of individuals, the medical debate continues its stately gavotte - and its occasional less than stately spat - in the journals and conferences.