Translation of gawk in Spanish:


papar moscas, v.

Pronunciation /ɡɔk//ɡɔːk/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    papar moscas informal
    don't just stand there gawking! ¡no te quedes ahí papando moscas!
    • to gawk at sth mirar algo boquiabierto / embobado
    • It was a bright, sunny day but very cold, too cold to hang about gawking at the scenery between shops.
    • The last thing any child would need to fear would be rows of people gawking down from the church gallery.
    • Only now, gawking at snow-coated cars, did it finally sink in that I was in Scotland.
    • She looked as gorgeous as ever and certainly had every young lad in town gawking with dropped jaws.
    • Carl gawked at the car with unbelieving eyes, and the unknown man still yelling at him must have noticed.
    • The other alien faces gawked and stared, but their whispers were too far away for me to do anything about, so I ignored it.
    • How long did it take them to go from gawking ignorantly at the machine to surfing the Web and finding sites they liked?
    • I gawked at the snow on the mountains and squealed over those funny hairy cows as my camera clicked madly, trying to capture the colours and scale of it all.
    • All of the guys stared and gawked at the new girl's body figure and style.
    • The boy slowly raised his head to meet my gaze, and gawked back at me.
    • As the minutes ticked by, the number of students standing on the banks gawking at the spectacle increased steadily.
    • She gawked unabashedly at the passing scenery, then stared wide-eyed as the car came to a halt in the shadow of the huge home.
    • Stores and boutiques stock all manner of goods and people are buying rather than gawking.
    • People gawked and stared, and he stared back with a grin beaming from ear to ear.
    • The door opened and a sailor stepped inside, openly gawking at our still wet clothes.
    • She heard the stampede leave as Stephen gawked at his new car.
    • Already, he could see the stares and could almost hear the whispers as his classmates openly gawked at him.
    • Most of them were trying to be clandestine about it, but a few were openly pointing and gawking.
    • When we finally dragged the hulking thing home, all we could do was saw it in half and just stand in awe, gawking at the horror within.
    • I gaped (or gawked or gushed, whatever way you wish to call it) when Eric appeared again.