Translation of gaze in Spanish:


mirar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡeɪz//ɡeɪz/

intransitive verb

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    (larga o fijamente) mirar
    to gaze at sth/sb mirar algo/a algn
    • he gazed fondly/sternly at her la miró con cariño/severamente
    • she gazed absentmindedly out of the window/into space miraba distraída por la ventana/al vacío
    • he gazed intently into her eyes la miró fijamente a los ojos
    • I seem to spend a little time each evening in this lovely summer weather gazing out of my study window.
    • Strangely, all the people standing around me on Tuesday were gazing in wonder.
    • He gazed steadily at her with a calm and regal expression, his eyes shining softly.
    • He was gazing at me through squinting grey eyes, rather than deep brown orbs.
    • It was difficult to focus her eyes, but she saw that he was gazing intently into them.
    • Imagine her look of horror upon entering the flat as she spins, gazing in horror at shelf after shelf of tiny toy cars.
    • Her eyes were still open and sad, and I thought they were gazing at me from far away.
    • A wolf stood at the rim of the hollow, gazing at them intently with golden eyes.
    • She goes upstairs to the final room, peering in, gazing upon a closet that is taped shut.
    • People milled around, gazing out to sea and watching the waves lapping at the jetty in silent worship.
    • I was gazing at the Ordnance Survey map for the Ripon area and today's route just leapt off the page.
    • We try to ignore it while gazing at the sky, talking of loves lost and spotting slowly gliding aeroplanes.
    • We stood there gazing at it, and agreed that it was very beautiful indeed.
    • Should I avoid mirrors, or spend more time gazing in the hope of reconciliation?
    • But after half a dozen of these, the audience were gazing at the stage in confusion.
    • I took my chair to the open corridor and sat there with my book, gazing at the sunset.
    • I sat for a fairly long while, gazing out of the window, got bored with that, and went to pull out a few books of poetry.
    • In fact, I stopped a couple of times, just standing, head raised, gazing at the sky.
    • The boy didn't look up but instead kept on gazing intently at the boring grey material of the driver's seat.
    • I had a book with me, but most of the time I spent gazing out of the window, watching California pass by.


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    (larga o fija) mirada feminine
    he flinched under her contemptuous gaze se encogió ante su mirada despreciativa
    • as I looked up she met my gaze al levantar la vista mi mirada se cruzó con la suya
    • When I walk up to the back of a crowd of people his eyes shift to mine and his gaze is steady.
    • The building site at La Scala had been hidden from the public gaze since the renovation work began in January.
    • I raised my eyebrows at him but he met me with a steady, unperturbed gaze.
    • However this trade still continues away from the public gaze or under another name.
    • I followed his gaze to look at a booth with basketball hoops and balls.
    • Blinded by the sight I tried hard not to stare and fixed my gaze on something out of the window.
    • The gaze is steady and there is both a reserve and a frank regard in her eyes.
    • The three boys followed her with their gazes, not looking away until she disappeared from their line of vision as she turned another corner.
    • Meanwhile, Luke and I avert our gazes, looking with studied interest at the fascinating ads above the tube map, opposite.
    • He just looked at our teacher for a moment, and then held a steady gaze out the window.
    • Following our gazes, he looked at it too and shrugged indifferently.
    • Lately, her steady deep-grey gaze has been held by a new bird feeder in her garden.
    • The sequence is silent and directs viewers' attention to the intent gazes of museum-goers and the degrees of engagement or distraction.
    • The settlement would be reached somewhere away from the public gaze and media glare.
    • More sweat fell down his stubby chin as he tried to avert his eyes away from her steady gaze.
    • The same eyes were looking at me, almost burning me with their intent gaze.
    • When it is forced into the public gaze, we react in a way that shames us.
    • Their eyes met for a long moment, both gazes calm and steady.
    • Only a fortnight ago, they were in a farmhouse on the city outskirts away from the gaze of the public.
    • The young man followed my gaze then looked at me for a minute as if trying to make up his mind.