Translation of gazebo in Spanish:


glorieta, n.

Pronunciation /ɡəˈziːbəʊ//ɡəˈziboʊ/

nounPlural gazebos

  • 1

    glorieta feminine
    cenador masculine
    • There are impressive patio areas, gazebos and manicured lawns back and front with landscaped borders scattered throughout.
    • With more than a mile of walking trails, eight bridges, six small gazebos, one large gazebo and the Redlin Pavilion, guests of the park will be invited to stretch their legs, walk their pets, have a picnic or simply enjoy nature.
    • Along the lakefront a curving sweep of barberry and daylilies terminated at gazebos overarched by old apple and willow trees.
    • Custom weathervanes, fireplace grills, chimney caps and cupolas for gazebos and homes are commonly ordered from custom metal fabricators.
    • He had been roaming the area surrounding the gazebo for a few hours.
    • In a different kind of garden some of these pieces might take on the character of the gazebos and temples that dot landscape gardens.
    • They sat beneath the moonlight in the gazebo, the garden around them alive in the night.
    • That facility comprises a chapel, a crematory, gazebos and an operations office.
    • With breath-taking vistas, the pool garden features a swimming pool, three spas and ornate gazebos.
    • Amidst the drab surrounds, brightly coloured gazebos intersperse the park - home to about 44 photographers.
    • Garden features include a gazebo, brass water feature, two paved patio areas and raised flowerbeds.
    • Hidden among the explosive greenery are waterfront and hillside cottages, and palm-thatch gazebos where guests are taking dinner.
    • As I turned to face him, our surroundings melted and we were in a gazebo in a garden.
    • The first step was to level the area where the gazebo would be located and set the support columns in concrete.
    • Last but not least will be the 300 purveyors of what the catalogue describes as ‘horticultural sundries’ - everything from garden tools to gazebos.
    • Without waiting for him to respond I got up from my seat and hurried out of the gazebo towards the house.
    • One rainy day, she asked Ryan to come over and they sat in the garden, under the shelter of a gazebo.
    • You can have your meal inside the building, at one of the six gazebos or in its garden.
    • They were caught after turning into a dead end and hitting a gazebo in a garden.
    • It's the perfect choice for awnings, umbrellas and casual furniture cushions, as well as privacy screens and outdoor draperies for porches and gazebos.