Translation of gear in Spanish:


engranaje, n.

Pronunciation /ɡɪə//ɡɪr/


  • 1

    Mechanics engranaje masculine
    Motor Vehicles marcha feminine
    Motor Vehicles velocidad feminine
    Motor Vehicles cambio masculine
    to engage first/second gear poner / meter (la) primera/segunda
    • to shift / (British) change gear cambiar de marcha
    • production must move into a higher gear to meet demand habrá que acelerar la producción para poder satisfacer la demanda
    • before noun gear cable cable del cambio (de marchas)
    • One major problem with using a conventional set of gears is that gears have a ratio relationship between their input and output.
    • The engines are cross-coupled so that each propeller is run by two diesel engines through clutch and cone belt transmission gears.
    • It is quite a funky bike, coming complete with suspension on the front wheel, rotary shift gears, the oddest bell known to mankind, and rapid release wheels.
    • It was like an essential oil, which lubricated the myriad moving parts, the gears and wheels of the mine's complex infrastructure.
    • Oddly her head starts making mechanical noises like gears grinding together.
    • Fitted with whirring wheels, gears and other devices, the old mechanical toys have acquired retro-cool status among many affluent young collectors.
    • A mechanical controller has gears and mechanical timers.
    • This process is, of course, generally used on the larger castings and was originally introduced for the production of gears, worm wheels and cored bars.
    • The team relied purely on programming and built a simple robot that used wheels rather than gears for its movement.
    • I love a mystery, but not if you hear the gears and wheels clinking and clanking in the background.
    • The machine occupied a whole room, filling it with a tangle of piano wires and pulleys to move its various wheels and gears.
    • The aim of nanotechnology is to manipulate molecules atom by atom, treating them like mechanical devices with gears, wheels, levers, hooks, pivots, locks and keys.
    • With a loud creak and groan, the wall behind the cross was pulled upwards by a series of mechanical gears to reveal a heavy metal door.
    • The machine consisted of replaceable shafts, gears, wheels, handles, electric motors, and disks and required much manual work to set it up.
    • We checked the massive engine room and filmed the now rusty gears on the open gearbox.
    • Again, mechanical gears allow you to see the various orbits.
    • Wheels turned and gears ground while he thought that one over.
    • The spacing of the gears allows engine speeds to be reduced and the torque curve to be better exploited.
    • The door slid back with a loud whine and creak of the mechanical and electric gears.
    • Try a hybrid that takes the wheels and gears of a road bike and places them on a mountain bike frame.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (equipment) equipo masculine
      (tools) herramientas feminine
      fishing gear aparejo de pesca masculine
      • They had the right guns and gear, boots, hat, and clothes.
      • Although safety may be a consideration, not enough people use safety gear, and even when they do, they are not invincible.
      • There is protective gear and people are safe that way.
      • To make shopping easy, the company arranges its catalog according to clothing, accessories, gear, and gifts.
      • On his back were a parachute and 100-pound rucksack crammed with clothes, food, medical gear and other stuff.
      • To that point, it is a good idea to have personal protective gear, say, in your car, in case of an emergency.
      • For maximum ride safety, your personal clothing and gear should also feature reflective elements.
      • I went to the fire house and I said, why do you have all this gear and boots and jackets and stuff?
      • Many of these workers are working in hazardous environmental conditions without face masks, without proper gear.
      • The lesson taught by the headmaster was that a rescue knife to cut harnessing and webbing should be essential gear for Navy rescue personnel.
      • Prizes also include sunglasses, clothes and electronic gear.
      • The support vehicle also carries two operators with their personal and mission gear.
      • First stop was to pick up the bags with the fresh clothes and camping gear from the truck, then set up the tent.
      • A few weeks after they'd gone missing, some of their personal dive gear washed up on a beach 75 miles from the dive site.
      • Her mother then ventured inside to get her some clothes and some sanitary gear.
      • Inside was a bunch of dirt bike clothes and gear.
      • As for gear, many people are using the small mini-disc recorders in the field these days.
      • Any juvenile attending training must have the proper handball gear (goggles and gloves) to prevent injury.
      • They caught five poachers, equipped with modern rappelling gear, in possession of six bags of bird nests.
      • We fly around taking gear and people from one place to the next, sometimes all night long, just stopping to refuel.

    • 2.2informal (miscellaneous items)

      cosas feminine
      bártulos masculine informal
      • A new survey claims Scots don't care for designer gear.
      • And from this minor blip things rapidly escalate; by the middle of week two, he's openly cheating and dressed top-to-toe in designer gear.
      • Expect to find savings of up to 70 per cent on clothes, with best buys in the outer wear, party gear and children's clothes sections.
      • These limp fashion disasters are surely worn by the same people who in six months time will be strutting down the beaches of Ibiza parading the latest designer gear.
      • Even though it was just after Christmas, not one child out of the 30 or so there was wearing any designer gear.
      • At first, the onstage listeners (dressed in basic ballet gear, plus hats, glasses and handbags) are caught up in their own individual responses.
      • When out shopping, find a shop selling quality gear for half the price of what it would cost to dress in designer gear.
      • He has a Santa Claus-like beard and often wears vintage leather motorcycle gear.
      • They were Mexicans, elegant in their designer safari gear.
      • The fashion parade will feature a beautiful collection of clothes, from flowing evening gowns to funky techno gear showcased by local models.
      • Do everyday clothes as dance gear impact its otherness as an experience?
      • Have you considered putting them in cool leather biker gear or spandex outfits?
      • So the crumpled, unshaven look is strictly last season and those who are with it are found in designer gear and sports shoes.
      • I know somebody who used to work with them and witnessed refusal of clothing because it was not designer gear.
      • Worst of all was a basketful of designer gear, delicate fabrics and complicated creases.
      • He expanded his clothing line from basketball gear to lifestyle wear.
      • It was a large archway beneath the railway lines, filled with smoke, camouflage netting and PR people in army gear.
      • To avoid bramble scratches and tick attacks, wear long gear and good shoes.
      • As it was, he was also wearing his travelling gear, painfully bright clothing that stood out a mile against his dark skin.
      • The audience had the usual haircuts, shaven or spiky, and the same tastes in branded designer gear.

  • 3informal

    ropa feminine
    tennis/riding gear ropa de tenis/de montar
    • she wears all the latest gear se viste al último grito

transitive verb

  • 1

    we are gearing our business increasingly toward the export market estamos orientando nuestro negocio cada vez más hacia las exportaciones
    • (to be) geared to/toward sth
    • designs geared to the younger generation diseños para los más jóvenes
    • our policy is geared to / toward achieving this aim nuestra política está dirigida / encaminada a lograr este objetivo
    • the course is geared to suit their needs el curso ha sido planeado / está pensado teniendo en cuenta sus necesidades particulares
  • 2

    to gear sth/sb for sth preparar algo/a algn para algo
    • they were geared for action estaban preparados / listos para entrar en acción