Translation of gelatinous in Spanish:


gelatinoso, adj.

Pronunciation /dʒəˈlætnəs//dʒɪˈlatɪnəs/


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    • The paste stood out amongst its neighbours on the platter, not for its taste, but for its bright pinkish colour and shiny, gelatinous consistency - a treat to some, but not my personal fave.
    • The cut surfaces of the lung were markedly hemorrhagic and had a gelatinous consistency.
    • The upper surface is usually sticky, or gelatinous when wet, and of a blood-red colour which darkens with age.
    • (Finally I've come to appreciate gelatinous texture in savoury food, thus catching up with everyone else in this hemisphere).
    • The texture of the dish was simply beautiful - the crisp crab, the tongue-clinging cream, the gelatinous, tenuous tomato uniting into a cheery little song of sweet and light.
    • They don't use high fructose corn syrup, the nonfat yogurt is creamy and rich, not gelatinous, it has real identifiable pieces of fruit, and it just tastes darn good!
    • In both cases, approximately 10% of the sample consisted of soft, gelatinous fragments highly suggestive of typical inflammatory nasal polyps.
    • It consisted of a delicate, gelatinous broth in which tufts of egg white and crab meat were suspended.
    • My friend's sautéed king prawns were big, succulent specimens, as you'd expect for £9, but the honey-and-ginger sauce was a sickly-sweet, gelatinous mess.
    • The taste was good, not too eggy, and I rather enjoyed the caramelized pond of syrup surrounding the mound of cream, though I found the latter to be slightly too gelatinous in texture.
    • Try siphonophores, gelatinous animals that live in the deep sea, whose abundance is only now being measured by scientists in Monterey Bay, but may take the prize.
    • I was a gummy adherent, gobbling gelatinous animal shaped confections like they were going out of style.
    • Am I going to become the queen of the ant colony, all gigantic and gelatinous and pulsating, tended to by little worker drones because I've lost all of my appendages and therefore the ability to move?
    • First of all, the flavours come from this weird, vaguely gelatinous mixture of jam, molasses and tobacco (apparently, the amounts of tar and nicotine are quite minimal).
    • The specimen consisted of an aggregate of soft, gelatinous, pink-yellow tissue.
    • This lesion was brown, irregular in shape, and had a consistency that varied from gelatinous to firm.
    • The base was creamy and almost gelatinous, liberally sprinkled with clams and chunks of potato.
    • Currently, there is a toy on the market that consists of a green gelatinous ooze; it is called, simply, Slime.
    • For contrast, he used dried, powdered fish scales as a thickener in another dish, which ‘added collagen for a thin, shiny, gelatinous consistency.’
    • The gelatinous pattern consists of numerous encapsulated organisms and little inflammation.