Translation of gemstone in Spanish:


piedra semipreciosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛmˌstoʊn//ˈdʒɛmstəʊn/


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    piedra semipreciosa feminine
    piedra preciosa feminine
    (en bruto) gema feminine
    • Couldn't she see there were no gemstones on the bracelet that he had given her?
    • Examples of various types of opal gemstones and opal jewelry are part of the exhibit.
    • The resulting bracelets and brooches were realised in gold and enamel, encrusted with a dazzling array of precious gemstones.
    • His aqua eyes twinkled in the moonlight like gemstones on a lavish piece of jewelry.
    • I propose that rough coloured precious gemstones should be exempt from customs duty just as rough semiprecious stones are.
    • Sometimes a merchant would stop by, looking for gemstones or precious metals that couldn't be found anywhere else.
    • Their lands are known for delicate gold work and abundance of gemstones, especially turquoise.
    • Like those objects, the cup is decorated with gemstones - emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.
    • The speciality of these pieces is that the gemstones are powdered and used as base colours, which reflects the imagination of the artist.
    • Other attractions include gemstones, temple jewellery and pendants.
    • Gold, gemstones, jewellery and leather are all good buys here.
    • Adjacent to it was a golden ring with three polished gemstones inserted into it.
    • The precious gemstones did not appear to be anything out of the ordinary, and simply hung benignly from their chains.
    • To him, they looked like turquoise gemstones sparkling in the sunlight.
    • They were shiny and deep, like actual polished amethyst gemstones.
    • The fabulous wealth of the Mughals is particularly demonstrated through the gemstones and jewellery that they collected.
    • Traders in Livingstone have been urged to start dealing in gemstones to sell the precious stones to the many tourists who visit the tourist capital.
    • Until recently few people considered Wyoming to have potential for gemstones other than nephrite jade.
    • She stopped at a stand selling jewelry and rare gemstones, glancing over its inventory.
    • As for the cut and polished gemstones the majority of the pieces that were purchased were calibrated.