Translation of gene pool in Spanish:

gene pool

acervo genético, n.


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    acervo genético masculine
    • The following questions were addressed: What are the main divisions of the gene pool?
    • It's part of how the gene pool is filtered and successful genes spread, just like any other animal in the jungle.
    • Selective elimination of genetically flawed newborns is necessary if we are to prevent their inferior genes from entering the gene pool.
    • A commonly used method to increase the genetic flexibility of commercial crops is to make use of the gene pool of closely related wild relatives of the crops.
    • If it were genetic, it would gradually disappear from the gene pool because they don't reproduce as often.
    • This can seriously affect the representative gene pool in the collection by loss of those accessions that do not respond well to the culture conditions.
    • Every local population of a species has its own gene pool with its own mutations and errors of sampling.
    • Heterogeneity of the gene pool was further confirmed by global analysis of all samples.
    • The life of the mind, the life of the genome and the gene pool are characterised alike in this way by change, and change which feeds on the random.
    • All but the rarest genetic changes will be drowned in the gene pool, so to speak.
    • The American gene pool is mutating into one in which people like me will be a minority within half a century.
    • The genes of this particular chance group will then dominate the entire gene pool of populations to come.
    • They usually grow up multilingual and more open-minded as well as enjoying good looks, a high IQ and a strong gene pool.
    • Organizations in crisis or those seeking to widen their executive gene pool are more likely to look elsewhere.
    • On the other side of the gene pool, it will be different this year.
    • Less traumatic and emotional than funerals and weddings, family reunions are a grand opportunity to check out your gene pool.
    • My brother says it's time for a little more chlorine in the gene pool.
    • Such a stratification could be based on passport data, knowledge of the structure of the gene pool, or both.
    • Producing offspring which are direct copies of one another reduces the gene pool, meaning all animals have the same genes.
    • But in the past few decades, the rise of the lobster industry and tourism circulated some fresh blood into the gene pool.