Translation of general-purpose in Spanish:


para todo uso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəl ˈpərpəs//dʒɛn(ə)r(ə)lˈpəːpəs/


  • 1

    (cloth/tool) para todo uso
    (dictionary) de uso general
    • There are lots of other possible outcomes, like serious damage to the rights to build general-purpose tools and so on, which I'm very concerned about.
    • Up to 1884, the Old Bailey was a general-purpose criminal court for London and Middlesex.
    • That is not to say general-purpose functionality and real-time determinism cannot be achieved simultaneously.
    • The prototype release includes a set of sample security policy configuration files designed to meet common, general-purpose security goals.
    • More and more, as the house gets closer to being ready to market, I'm having to subordinate my own activities and time to those of a general-purpose gofer.
    • An appliance is a device that provides a limited, well-defined function as compared to a general-purpose computer that can provide any function.
    • They make up the profitable majority of the 144 million Americans who have general-purpose credit cards.
    • Your experience is certainly true for the large, general-purpose hospitals.
    • Some claim to be tools for safeguarding the public's privacy; others maintain that they add functionality to general-purpose hardware.
    • Almost all programs use general-purpose function libraries that come with compilers.
    • Here, we present a general-purpose scheme that may be used as basic toolbox for straight-forward implementations of card games.
    • Solutions might include expanding into cabins or general-purpose areas to isolate sick campers from their healthy cabin mates.
    • He has drawn misleading analogies about how the mind might be like a computer or a general-purpose learning device.
    • In other words, general-purpose technology can be used for general purposes - good and ill.
    • Look around and you'll find general-purpose buckets as well as buckets made specifically for digging dirt or sand or rock, cleaning ditches, or grading slopes.
    • In fairness, it's important to stress that general-purpose processors were designed for application-related computing.
    • As currently drafted, he believes that would include general-purpose computers.
    • Last June, an extension was built on to the new 33-student school, providing an office, kitchen, general-purpose room and an extra classroom.
    • There are 16 general-purpose dogs, six drug dogs, four dogs trained to sniff out explosives, four to track down firearms and a passive drug dog, which screens people for drugs.
    • That means that we'll have a law that will require an entire class of general-purpose technologies to use only obfuscated, closed-source drivers.