Translation of generally in Spanish:


generalmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəli//ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəli/


  • 1

    (usually, as a rule)
    por lo general
    en general
    • There were arguments like in any other normal marriage but we generally got on with each other.
    • The bus station is pretty well lit, and there are generally people around.
    • We did not usually stock shoes, seeing as they generally had to be custom-made to fit the wearer.
    • Do extras generally get to eat the same meals as the rest of the cast and crew?
    • Over a normal seven-day week it generally receives up to five million customers.
    • Customers in Britain generally get a good deal for their money when it comes to car insurance.
    • This sort of behaviour is common in the elderly and the young and generally causes no harm.
    • These are normally much smaller and generally caught on meat or fish baits.
    • A person with normal hearing can generally separate the speech from the background sounds.
    • The extraction of teeth is a commonly performed and generally safe procedure.
    • How do you generally spend the twenty minutes or so before you nod off?
    • This is because men generally start parenting later in life and women have a longer life span.
    • That was generally the point where we considered it was safe enough to move him up to bed without disturbing his sleep.
    • The leaked document generally uses one of three reasons for denying requests for certain pieces of text.
    • Women generally tend to form a group and try to stick together during the travel.
    • It is a routine and generally safe procedure, but all surgery does carry some element of risk.
    • We generally celebrate our birthdays quietly, without much fuss or fancy goings-on.
    • In an ordinary case it is generally said you judge it by the action of the man in the street.
    • This is attitude is generally welcomed as a form of enlightened tolerance.
    • It's generally good to take risks; if they don't destroy you, they make you stronger.
  • 2also generally speaking

    por lo general
    en general
    por regla general
    • There is, generally speaking, no single piece of information in a signal or structure.
    • The gameplay itself is generally pretty good, but a little too similar to the first game.
    • As stated above, generally speaking, necessity is a broader heading than duress.
    • Nor, generally speaking, will the customer's bank be in breach of its duty of performance.
    • I know they vary over the long term but that is generally a decline over years.
    • She was horrified by the repetition and was generally not happy with it.
    • Monday too turned out to be a generally sunny day and so too was Tuesday, as this picture shows.
    • His hearing, vision and mobility are normal and he is generally healthy and not on any medication.
    • So I ate it, and raved about it, and got it all over my keyboard, and was generally happy.
    • The standard of golf was generally very high, so to come away with fifth is not a disgrace.
    • Western intellectuals are generally shifting to the left, certainly on these questions.
    • The street will follow the line of a national cycle route and will generally be narrower than a normal road.
    • They were slipping around on the cobble-stones and generally looking wretched.
    • His letters are also generally free of the standard evocations of God and his will.
    • Their history has generally been one of dramatic change over hundreds of years.
    • The ground is generally decent and usually provides a good jumping surface.
    • A customer survey launched last August has brought a generally positive response.
    • So far we have been looking at media rather generally in terms of communication options.
    • She would answer telephones, make calls to customers and generally act in the same way as an employee.
    • However, generally speaking the standard of driving in the area is very good.
  • 3

    (as a whole)
    en general
    I meant people generally me refería a la gente en general
  • 4

    (by everyone)
    it is generally admitted that … en general se reconoce que …
    • he's generally admired es admirado por todos