Translation of generalship in Spanish:


generalato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəlˌʃɪp//ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəlʃɪp/


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    (office, period)
    generalato masculine
    • If this is an accurate report of the man's thinking on generalship, this reader can find little fault with it.
    • Collectively, it is a memorial to Grant's generalship and also a memorial to the troops he commanded.
    • In practice, his generalship displayed far greater flexibility than he ever acknowledged.
    • But these brilliant victories over greatly superior forces owed little to skilful generalship.
    • Commanders like Napoleon possessed generalship; they embraced new tactics or technology and could see results of an intended action before it was executed.
    • He was a great loss to the British army, less for his generalship than for his skill in raising and training light troops.
    • To their credit, however, both authors take a more critical analysis in assessing his generalship during the Ardennes campaign.
    • It seems odd that some historians appear willing to dismiss him as merely a good politician, rather than recognizing that it is this attribute that marks the acme of generalship in coalition warfare.
    • He has given us a superb study in presidential leadership and military generalship.
    • Throughout the history of our profession, intense professional study has been one of the essential tools soldiers have used to advance their military art, and their generalship.
    • Throughout the narrative he sustains an objective yet often critical assessment of Lee's generalship at all three levels of war - tactical, operational, and strategic.
    • But he proved equal to the task of avoiding encirclement and destruction, and in February 1943 he was promoted field marshal as a reward for his generalship.
    • It was the goal of generalship after the Wars of Napoleon.
    • Do make it clear that generalship, at least in my case, came not by instinct, unsought, but by understanding, hard study and brain-concentration.
    • Then in 1810 he became war minister and immediately began to strengthen the army; he wrote a manual of generalship, tightened army organization, built strong points, and supervised a doubling in size.
    • He is an expert historiographer, making this book an outstanding addition to studies of generalship in the Civil War's final campaigns.
    • The battlefields had become a quagmire of blood, gore, mud, miles of trenches and poor generalship on both sides of no-man's land.
    • But there is another trait crucial to good generalship: selflessness.
    • His 1993 book was a study in generalship, examining as it did Rommel's ill-fated effort to defend the Atlantic Wall.
    • This is where the classical model of strategy or generalship may have some further relevance.
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    don de mando masculine