Translation of generator in Spanish:


generador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛnəreɪtə//ˈdʒɛnəˌreɪdər/


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    generador masculine
    grupo electrógeno masculine
    • One eyewitness said the group looked like they were planting vegetables, were practising recycling and doing crafts and had their own electricity generators.
    • If you plan to power a few lights, your refrigerator and a furnace, a less expensive portable generator may provide enough power.
    • Connect that flywheel to an electric generator and electricity will flow until the wheel grinds to a halt.
    • He used native timber from the forest, then installed solar-heated rainwater tanks, a picture window and a petrol powered generator.
    • One such project involved the conversion of a headrace and mill site for the installation of a turbine and electricity generator to supply domestic energy needs.
    • He sells the electricity from his methane-fired generator to his utility for 7.25 cents per kilowatt hour.
    • The answer depends on what, exactly, you intend to power with the generator.
    • Instead there was a large demand for utilities (electricity generators and water tanks) and fishing boats within the devastated community.
    • The better ones have diesel generators for electricity, and people walk the streets.
    • The report looks at ways of halving lighting bills, slashing energy costs on new and refurbished buildings, and installing heat-producing electricity generators.
    • The energy is used to run two electricity generators.
    • Yesterday, he announced an £8.5m grant to help construct two vessels to carry massive loads such as electricity generators and transformers.
    • The rotor turns an attached generator, creating electricity with a simple elegance, carving energy from the sky.
    • The station is using a generator to provide electricity.
    • Wind power is generated using turbines and an electrical generator.
    • We're using a generator to power our equipment.
    • In 1918 he patented a generator which converted mechanical energy into high frequency electric currents which could be used for wireless telegraphy.
    • We have no air-conditioning, very few fans, no buildings to live in and no running water or electricity aside from the generators that we can keep running.
    • There is no running water and no electrical power except from oil-powered generators.
    • He said power had been turned off on both sides of the station and staff were waiting for two mobile generators to get the electricity back on.
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    (of bicycle, car)
    dínamo masculine Latin America
    dinamo masculine Latin America
    dinamo feminine Spain
    dínamo feminine Spain