Translation of genitourinary in Spanish:


genitourinario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdʒɛnɪtəʊˈjʊərɪn(ə)ri//ˌdʒɛnɪdoʊˈjʊrəˌnɛri/


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    • The latter group includes tissues lining the airways; the alimentary canal and its associated organs and glands; and the genito-urinary system.
    • Testing is usually carried out at the genito-urinary medicine clinic of a local hospital, where sexually transmitted infections are diagnosed and treated.
    • Stress, surgery, illness and genito-urinary infection will contribute to infertility.
    • We welcome the extra money for genito-urinary medicine services announced by the Government today but it's vital that it directly reaches these hard-pressed front-line services.
    • It is also used as a genito-urinary antiseptic, increasing urine output and relieving cystitis.