Translation of genius in Spanish:


genio, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈdʒiːnɪəs//ˈdʒinjəs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(clever person)

      genio masculine
      • Think of all those past geniuses who were cut off in their prime, and what might have been possible had they lived a few decades more.
      • The BBC yesterday hailed him as one of the greatest geniuses to have worked in radio comedy.
      • Schueler is one of the great forgotten geniuses of late 20 th-century art.
      • Kids are born geniuses, as far as I'm concerned, just for being in harmony with their instincts.
      • How this tiny fact escaped the minds of the planning geniuses is beyond all comprehension.
      • They resented the fact that the First Family was full of geniuses and prodigies.
      • Ultimately, this is just one of the pitfalls of working with eccentric artistic geniuses.
      • They are geniuses in design, promotion and selling and far superior to the people in the publishing houses.
      • Some of these geniuses never got any reward at all in their lifetime.
      • Often described as a modern writer, Dostoevsky is - like all geniuses - timeless.
      • The competition tests basic computing skills as well as challenging the computer geniuses.
      • It is, after all, the biggest country on earth with a colossal roll-call of intellectual and artistic geniuses.
      • The cooking world has a very strict hierarchy where even geniuses have to begin as potato peelers.
      • Even the most brilliant of mathematical geniuses will never be able to tell us what the future holds.
      • You truly are the geniuses that give this site any credence and prominence
      • This Valentine's Day, for the first time, the two musical geniuses are coming together.
      • It was indeed the activity of the geniuses, of the masters of their craft, that made the rules.
      • The idea that the great work of the world is done by shining geniuses is false.
      • It is hugely comforting to know that we have local geniuses able to deliver quality work at such modest cost.
      • And to think they were declared musical geniuses by a good portion of the music press at the time.

    • 1.2(powerful influence)

      an evil genius una influencia maligna

  • 2

    • 2.1(brilliance)

      genialidad feminine
      a man/work of genius un hombre/una obra genial
      • Puccini's genius for the dramatic undercurrent, often heard in bold brass interjections, heightened the tension throughout.
      • No small part of Joyce's genius was his ability to use cliches creatively, imaginatively, knowingly.
      • Although he had no actual plans, he knew that his road would be made dear and so he waited, getting by on talent and saving his genius for when his name would be called.
      • But to do so is to undermine the writer's genius for tapping into quirky, funny human nature, which regardless of history remains pretty much the same.
      • Even if you aren't a fan of the man's music, Charles' life story is a captivating look at the battle between drugs and creative genius.
      • It was this man who, in 1799, combined a passion for power with his genius for leadership.
      • I'm not some creative genius, I've just been doing it a while.
      • Throughout that career, he has shown such genius for dividing opinion and pouring lemon into wounds that he has made himself a fortune.
      • There was something captivating about this man, who dedicated much of his time to his artistic talents, his creative genius, and photographic exhibits.
      • With the soft, cold voice of a Hollywood villain, he had a natural genius for menace.
      • He became an icon of scientific genius for the twentieth century.
      • His was an outrageous talent, brimming with vocal ability and story telling genius which only he could carry off; and his talent was of international class.
      • In fact, part of his creative genius was his ability to rework themes and ideas to fit the contemporary setting.
      • Lyndon Johnson's political genius was creative not merely in the lower, technical aspects of politics but on much higher levels.
      • The auteur's true genius lies in his ability to combine high art with popular culture.
      • An exploration of his work will serve to illustrate his considerable creative genius.
      • These characteristics are helping further psychiatric research into the links between creative genius and mental disorders.
      • The player is valued by his ability to play with skill, courage, commitment, genius, flair, strength and legitimate aggression.
      • Their affiliation does not spring from supposed gifts of natural genius.
      • Several of our early presidents had abilities approaching genius.

    • 2.2(gift)

      she has a genius for music tiene talento para la música
      • he has a genius for saying the right thing tiene la habilidad / el don de decir lo apropiado en toda situación

  • 3

    • 3.1(spirit)

      genio masculine
      • It is unique, and expresses the genius of a native people.
      • The Romans were taught to believe that the destiny of Rome was the destiny of the world and this became embodied in a civil religion which embraced the genius of the Roman people.
      • The apologetics of personal testimony is particularly suited to the genius of Catholicism.
      • Few people today would have difficulty recognizing in Haydon the outlines of a new social character - the romantic genius.
      • The genius of capitalism is that thus far it has proven democratic when under threat.
      • Progressive democracy is the genius of our people.
      • Secularism suits the genius of a multi-religious, multi-caste and multi-lingual country like India best.
      • The privilege afforded famous scientists, Surowiecki argues, has undervalued the genius of the scientific ethos: its commitment to meritocracy.
      • Now my compositions reflect the genius and potential of mankind.
      • Does democracy suit the genius of our two peoples, where votes are cast/obtained for considerations other than merit and manifestos?

    • 3.2literary (essential nature)

      genio masculine literary
      carácter masculine