Translation of genteel in Spanish:


refinado, adj.

Pronunciation /dʒɛnˈtil//dʒɛnˈtiːl/


  • 1

    they live in genteel poverty viven modesta pero dignamente
    • I can't stand her genteel euphemisms no soporto sus remilgados eufemismos / sus eufemismos cursis
    • Let us not mince words, culling is a genteel word for killing, in fact for sheer bloody carnage, such as you propose.
    • She looks down her dainty nose, her delicately featured face wrinkling in genteel distaste.
    • By day, as a student living with his genteel hosts, he cultivates the persona of a bookish young man given to headaches and dizzy spells.
    • Joséphine's upper lip wrinkles with almost genteel scorn when asked about her circumstances.
    • This was more of a genteel supper party than a Mafioso-style meeting of the families, but it was all about making deals nevertheless.
    • She is, of course, far too graceful, genteel to be so vulgar as to do so.
    • These can be just as much of a drink fest as the gatherings at the pubs and clubs, albeit in a more genteel environment.
    • In contrast Harriet's family represents the fading genteel elegance of the old South.
    • Compared to mediums like oil or acrylic, watercolor has a vaguely genteel air.
    • Chang does speak with absolute conviction, but also with measured, genteel grace.
    • It was a genteel game then for gentlemen, nurtured in a corner of the globe on the village greens of Henley and Marlow.
    • Determined to live up to her new role as genteel landowner, the pop icon is opposing plans to allow ramblers to access her estate.
    • The couple now live in the genteel English coastal enclave of Hove, sister town to Brighton, with their twin sons.
    • The estate, once genteel but now a sprawling mass of dilapidated bedsits and flats, had a bad drug problem.
    • There will be sports as genteel as lawn bowling and as rugged as Rugby Union.
    • He was then free to practise as a gynaecologist, settling in the genteel spa town of Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt.
    • I have this image of a kind of old boys' club, of a rather genteel kind of place.
    • Such was the genteel corporate culture of the time that employees were encouraged to take a rest after lunch.
    • After that it looks like something from a more refined and genteel and luxurious and over-the-top era.
    • There is a genteel air of comfort and prosperity here and a crisp and clean environment only adds to it.