Translation of gentile in Spanish:


gentil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛntaɪl//ˈdʒɛntʌɪl/


  • 1

    gentil masculine
    • All those rules were terrible but the worst one of all was the one that forbid Gentiles to associate with Jews.
    • Also the congregations in these synagogues were Jews, Gentiles sat outside the main room on one side and the women and children on the other side.
    • Both Gentiles and Jews were being invited to enter into this new temple through their acceptance of the gospel message.
    • Paul knew that Gentiles as well as Jews could live such a faith.
    • Even the Gentiles' hearts have been touched by Napoleon's sweet spirit.
    • This emphasis and a focus on redeeming the Gentiles moved the early church away from a land-related agenda.
    • He will, for the very first time, bring unity to the Jews and Gentiles!
    • Antioch, the capital of the Roman province of Syria, was where the first church was planted among the Gentiles.
    • Such preaching will always be a stumbling block, to Gentiles and Jews alike.
    • He had come not just for Israel, but also for the Gentiles!
    • I think that this information would be of interest to Gentiles as well as Jews.
    • By the way, did you know that there really was a wall in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem that divided Jews from Gentiles?
    • Traditionally, intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles has been forbidden.
    • Paul saw the law to be the factor which separated Jews from Gentiles.
    • On the other hand, the Gentiles, and the Greeks in particular, were evolutionary in their thinking.
    • There, it was decided that the Gentiles were not bound to the Jewish Law.
    • Were believing Gentiles indeed fellow heirs of Abraham along with believing Jews?
    • Again we must say that this was strictly a Jewish affair, no Gentiles being involved; no, not even the Roman guard.
    • Eventually, it warmed the souls of countless thousands of Jews and Gentiles, throughout the known world.
    • Edwards then explains that the purpose of all this was to open a door for the apostles when they came to preach the gospel to the Gentiles.