Translation of geology in Spanish:


geología, n.

Pronunciation /dʒiˈɑlədʒi//dʒɪˈɒlədʒi/


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    geología feminine
    • The country has produced important work in biology, medicine, geology, mathematics, physics, genetics, psychology, and anthropology.
    • In the natural sciences, biology and geology should be emphasized.
    • Macedonia has research institutes dealing with geology, natural history, cotton, animal breeding, tobacco, animal husbandry, and water development.
    • A fundamental tenet of the science of geology is the Principle of Uniformitarianism, which states that the present is a key to the past.
    • The 143,670-square-foot building will house facilities for teaching biology, chemistry, geology, physics and other sciences.
    • They have undergraduate or graduate degrees in subjects including anthropology, geology, marine science and maritime history.
    • My first love of school science was geology, and that was definitely not ladylike in the '60s.
    • Indeed, many physicists did not even believe that geology and biology were sciences at all.
    • Not only was very little known about the geological features of the earth, but at that time there were no university degrees in geology and no professional geologists.
    • John, who left school at 16, learned in early March that he would receive his BSc degree in geology and earth sciences just a month before 25-year-old Alyson's own graduation.
    • From the physical sciences, Quaternary geology developed as a discipline that was initially almost entirely divorced from considerations of human behavior.
    • It's taken the father-of-three 23 years to complete a BSc in geology and earth sciences from the Open University.
    • Finding oil and gas is a process that combines physics and geology with a lot of engineering technology.
    • Courses related to astrobiology are offered in the departments of geology, biology, physics, and electrical engineering.
    • The new sciences - uniformitarian geology, nebular astronomy, and evolutionary biology - were rooted in a temporal methodology, as was evolutionary social science.
    • Structural geology is the branch of geology that deals with the description and interpretation of the structure of rocks.
    • Physical sciences, particularly earth sciences such as geology and hydrology, are popular subjects for study and research in Oman's university.
    • These were the scientists who were to devote their labours to the study of natural history, geology, astronomy and even the nascent discipline of anthropology.
    • Stephen Jay Gould teaches biology, geology, and the history of science at Harvard University.
    • Portland cement manufacturing incorporates many disciplines, from engineering to chemistry to geology to computer science.
    • McPhee is possibly best known for his explorations in earth history and geology which earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 for his book.