Translation of geometric in Spanish:


geométrico, adj.


Pronunciation /ˌdʒiəˈmɛtrɪk//ˌdʒɪəˈmɛtrɪk/


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    (mean/series/progression) geométrico
    • He also focuses on using geometric algebra to solve problems in graph theory.
    • Apollonius used his geometric skills to mathematically develop the epicycle theory which would reach its full importance in the work of Ptolemy.
    • In 1849 he published Trigonometry and double algebra in which he gave a geometric interpretation of complex numbers.
    • Although I'm reasonable at mental arithmetic, I mostly think geometrically and then must laboriously check my geometric intuition with algebra.
    • Omar Khayyam gave a complete classification of cubic equations with geometric solutions found by means of intersecting conic sections.
    • One of the underlying insights of topology is that some geometric problems depend not on the precise shape of objects but only on the way they are connected.
    • The Billera-Lee proof gives a geometric construction of one simplicial polytope for each face vector.
    • This is a remarkable mathematical theory combining powerful algebraic and geometric methods.
    • We used a geometric method called eigenshape analysis to quantify turritellid shell morphology.
    • In 1984 Jones discovered an astonishing relationship between von Neumann algebras and geometric topology.
    • There is, of course, a tension in this topic between the totally geometric approach and the algebraic approach.
    • In the next 2000 years no one found an exact geometric method for 7-gons or 9-gons but also no one had proved it was impossible to construct such regular polygons.
    • Normal maps are used to give additional geometric detail without increasing polygon count.
    • He developed a theory of automorphic functions, connecting algebraic and geometric results in his important 1884 book on the icosahedron.
    • Methods for precise geometric descriptions, necessary for visualization, were formulated later.
    • Thus in a sense all cubics could be solved by the Greeks using geometric methods.
    • In addition, C is only a geometric parameter to describe gross shell morphology, rather than a biological determinant.
    • This discovery was made as Möbius worked on a question on the geometric theory of polyhedra posed by the Académie.
    • A simple example of numerical integration is estimating the area of a geometric figure by randomly throwing darts at it and counting the hits and misses.
    • They also serve to illustrate why it is easy to confuse the various geometric forms represented by sets of numeric indices unless one is aware of these conventions.
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    (shape/pattern) geométrico
    • This season, bold geometric shapes are omnipresent, with various lines in particular adding rhythm and exuberance to the fabrics.
    • Zanzibar doorways, decorated with geometric patterns, offer a glimpse of the island's Arabic history and tradition.
    • Libyan artisans use intricate lines and geometric shapes in their carpets, embroidered goods, jewelry, leather goods, tiles, and pottery.
    • In four new paintings comprising his recent solo show, ribbons give way to a system of lines and ovoid shapes contained within large geometric fields of color.
    • On this magnificent necklace, worn by either a young woman or man, the beadworker has skillfully played with colors and geometric shapes.
    • The old gentleman places a rug, decorated with geometric animals, on the ground and invites me to sit.
    • There is also a beautiful image of Mondrian's studio, reduced to geometric lines just like a painting in the famous mature Mondrian style.
    • Lemmer's geometric, symmetrical sculptures are clearly variations on a theme.
    • My newer ties are splashier, with brightly colored splotches, wildly zigzagging lines, and unusual geometric shapes.
    • These tiles are characterized by slender lines, geometric shapes, or more free-form patterns.
    • In stunning detail, pilots and crew describe a range of geometric forms and lights inconsistent with known aircraft or natural phenomena.
    • Linen looks best in simple shapes, with clean geometric lines.
    • The geometric shapes and patterns rendered in pencil, ink and watercolor on graph paper are suggestive of spiritual emblems taken from a variety of religions.
    • Its form was a beautiful display of geometric symmetry.
    • I opened my eyes to a net of pale blue moonlight and shadows thrown across whitewashed walls and ceiling decorated with geometric bas-reliefs in cracked and stained plaster.
    • The result is a remarkably regular, geometric pattern, as his two untitled pieces from 1997 demonstrate.
    • Quilting designs may carry across the quilt ignoring seam lines in fancy or plain geometric patterns.
    • Sets of geometric shapes painted in attractively unnatural enamel colors, the paintings are composed with horizon lines and often light grounds.
    • Analysis of protein loop conformations is a notoriously difficult task because they do not have easily identifiable regular geometric patterns.
    • Dr. Just said that the brain could interpret letters either spatially, as geometric shapes, or linguistically, by the names of the letters.