Translation of gerrymandering in Spanish:


manipulaciones, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdʒɛriˈmændərɪŋ//ˈdʒɛrɪˌmand(ə)rɪŋ/


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    manipulaciones feminine derogatory
    maniobras feminine derogatory
    • One of the assumptions many people have of his long time in power was that it was only able to occur because the gerrymander kept Labor out of office.
    • There is also the issue of the potential for an institutionalised gerrymander, as recipients of various forms of government transfer payments outnumber those who actually pay any income tax.
    • If you're afraid of what a neutral redistricting will do, just imagine what a genuinely partisan gerrymander could accomplish.
    • This is a government that blatantly indulged in open gerrymander, for example the re-allocation of defence force votes among surrounding marginal seats.
    • It also polls well under 5 per cent and could throw up the closest thing to a gerrymander if the previous election's turnout is repeated.
    • The deliberate sectarian gerrymander that the Northern state was in the first instance has now disappeared, eroded by demographics.
    • The Labor Party has thrown one of its basic principles out the window by now supporting the gerrymander in Western Australia.
    • Despite an electoral gerrymander, the opposition managed to more than double its parliamentary seats from 22 to 45.
    • They say the current Congressional map is just an old Democratic gerrymander.
    • Nationalist resentment at the gerrymander was amplified by the determination of Unionists to define the centre of the city, enclosed within its plantation walls, as a loyalist public space.
    • Labor held office, intermittently, in a number of States, but State election seemed as remote as federal victory - and only partly because of gerrymanders.
    • The gerrymander would be even more pronounced with the non-voting stock comprising just 870 million out of 3.1 billion - or just 28.9 per cent of the total.
    • As Polsby points out, the art of the gerrymander is another instance with respect to which the constitutional order has been turned on its head.
    • I'm not crazy about the idea of Republicans using redistricting reform to knock off Democrats while ramming through the most outlandish gerrymanders in the states they control.
    • He said the Government's electoral reforms would create a gerrymander, where electoral boundaries are created to give one party an advantage.
    • The Green's control of the council, while significant, was in fact an own goal created by the Labor Party's failed gerrymander.
    • Wary of democracy, he helped enshrine a rural gerrymander in the Legislative Council of which he was a member 1890-1916.
    • Despite a gerrymander, the number of opposition seats rose from 22 to 45, mostly at the expense of the ruling party.
    • Umno continues to benefit from a gerrymander that favours rural Malay seats on peninsular Malaya as well as Sabah and Sarawak in northern Borneo.
    • In a gerrymander in 1923, Unionists wrested control from Nationalists, an arrangement reinforced in the 1930s.