Translation of gesture in Spanish:


gesto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛstʃə//ˈdʒɛstʃər/


  • 1

    (of body)
    gesto masculine
    ademán masculine
    a rude gesture un gesto grosero
    • to make a gesture of annoyance/impatience hacer un gesto de irritación/de impaciencia
    • The two boys exchange ideas through gestures, words, and drawing.
    • Marcus reciprocated the farewell gesture by slightly nodding his head and slowly blinking his large, intelligent eyes.
    • This is accompanied by a thumbs-up gesture which is a simple but effective way of getting the children to respond to and interact with the teacher.
    • As they approached the lower window, Tracy made a gesture to Erin to move to the side away from the window.
    • They capture the gestures of the human body in all its pity and rapture, pain and pleasure.
    • Those quick hand gestures and body movements betray a restless energy and a need for variety and originality.
    • His body language and facial gestures suggested he loathed his colleague.
    • Glaring after the departing man, Cael flicked a rude gesture in his direction.
    • His gestures and movements are excessively self-aware in postures of cool and defiance, and for this very reason betray the emotions and vulnerability beneath.
    • So what do their expressions, hand gestures, body movements and speech say about what they're really thinking and feeling?
    • It is important that a dancer have a good facility, but they need to be able convey dramatic ideas, use dramatic gestures, and communicate feelings on stage.
    • She exclaimed, making shooing gestures with her arms.
    • It has to do with attitude or spirit, which is reflected in speech patterns and facial expressions, hand gestures and overall body movement.
    • He made a number of rude gestures in their direction and shouted obscenities at them.
    • Chimps communicate with each other through a complex and subtle system of vocalisations, facial expressions, body postures and gestures.
    • These same gestures and movements, even the very words themselves, have been repeated and revived over many generations in that precise place.
    • Will sighed and turned around slowly, holding his hands up in a gesture of surrender.
    • He closed his blue eyes and spread his hands out in a gesture of surrender.
    • His movements and gestures are natural and his stage presence is electric.
    • Her transformation from spectator to spectacle is signified repetitively by the gesture of removing her glasses.
  • 2

    (token, expression)
    gesto masculine
    a gesture of defiance un gesto desafiante
    • an empty/symbolic gesture un gesto vacío/simbólico
    • the card arrived late, but it was a nice gesture la tarjeta llegó tarde, pero fue todo un detalle
    • before noun gesture politics política gestual / del gesto
    • A Department of Justice spokesperson rejected suggestions the move was a political gesture which would prove unrealistic when challenged.
    • Sometimes, youngsters convey through their simple gestures what many adults can never express in a thousand words.
    • Making goodwill gestures only arouses suspicion and creates the appearance of weakness.
    • Unfortunately, their neighbor didn't appreciate the kind gesture… and she sued.
    • Moreover, we appreciate the magnanimous gesture of the Minister of Sports for apologising in the larger interest of cricket.
    • To be frank, this was the most heartening gesture of solidarity I heard.
    • I broke away from Andrew suddenly, in a liberating gesture of defiance.
    • There was no indication that these paltry and tardy gestures have had any effect in dampening the mass protest movement.
    • That G8 leaders are now making gestures of this sort betrays their knowledge that the game is up for world summitry that does not command world support.
    • He said local roads in the area would have to be improved and upgraded as a gesture to the people who would be effected.
    • Given her special circumstances, it says, it is prepared as a gesture of goodwill to fund the costs of the operation, which are about £10,000.
    • As a goodwill gesture, I took several sports writers out for a meal Thursday.
    • He denied the move was a political gesture.
    • At first he still enjoyed the sheen of effective public gestures.
    • It is refunding you the £34.31, and adding £100 as a gesture of goodwill.
    • Above all a political gesture and propaganda exercise, the charter had less effect on American isolationists than hoped.
    • My friendly gestures were returned with stubborn silence.
    • Security Ministry officials called it a gesture of national reconciliation and said that more releases would follow.
    • I just received the October issue and appreciate your kind gesture in sending us extra copies.
    • Most of the time, it will merely be a gesture of principle, with no practical effect.
    • Although some have not fully embraced open source, these sometimes small, token gestures offer us a wealth of knowledge.
    • Labor's intention to retain the regional council structures and consult Indigenous people over the replacement body is a gesture.
    • Their acceptance of Lydia is total and is signified by a gesture of affection from his mother.
    • Throwing the amp in the canal could be a symbolic gesture, representing the idea that I was getting rid of all the stuff I didn't really need anymore.
    • I must admit that I agonised a bit about this because I felt it was a small gesture that would have little effect and give more pleasure to the person sending the card than the recipient.
    • They were engaged in work, play activities, fights or gestures of friendship.
    • However, the seeming pointlessness of the gesture is the key to its ironic effect and the reason why it enjoys a kinship with Ferry's work.
    • Not all public gestures of affection and loyalty need to be quite so extravagant.
    • Theirs is a harmless daydream, an ultimately mild gesture of defiance against conformity.
    • In a gesture of goodwill, a 24-hour internet cafe and a finance company in Edinburgh have offered US citizens free internet access to contact their loved ones.
    • He accepted the book and kissed it, using an Eastern gesture of respect toward the givers.
    • She remembers other gestures of goodwill, including an Italian who took it upon himself to cook lunch for the farmer and his family while they were at church.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer gestos
    she gestured in my direction me hizo señas
    • I gestured to them to be quiet les hice señas para que se callaran
    • He paused, then gestured expansively towards the audience.
    • Wayne, his blurred hand gesturing with a cigarette, was looking off to the side, mouthing something.
    • He leaned forward from the back seat so he could gesture emphatically in front of the gear shift.
    • Gavin kicked her leg under the table, gesturing to their glaring father meaningfully.
    • Olivia gestured vaguely in the direction of the candy and Isabella took off, striding purposefully.
    • He gestured wildly with one hand as he spoke, trying to get his point across.
    • He gestured back to the door that I had just come through.
    • He gestured disgustedly toward Michael with one hand.
    • I couldn't find any words to say, and instead gestured helplessly.
    • The big man gestured with a thumb over his shoulder.
    • I gestured to the pile of unopened trunks at the foot of my bed.
    • The kid gestured with his left arm, the shotgun still in his right.
    • Edwards, as nearly as I can tell, never utters a word without one or more hands gesturing in some significant, word-intensifying manner.
    • "Take your pick, kid ", said the Major gesturing around the room.
    • Then he lifted his chin, gesturing back over his shoulder.
    • ‘I really like your scarf’ he said, gesturing to the bandana on my head, a simple black one that I wear more often than not.
    • ‘I feel completely settled here,’ she says, gesturing to the corners of the room.
    • Sir Ralph gestured to a nearby chair and waited until his daughter was seated.
    • ‘No need to pay,’ he said, gesturing at the tables and chairs, ‘this is my home.’
    • He was talking about something with Dad and Jeremy, gesturing wildly with his free hand.