Translation of get along in Spanish:

get along

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (be on one's way)
    I must be getting along now tengo que ponerme en camino
    • get along with you! (off you go) ¡vete (or váyanse etc.)!
  • 2

    (manage, cope)
    the firm couldn't get along without her la compañía no podría funcionar sin ella
    • we got along for years without a computer nos las arreglamos durante años sin computadora
  • 3

    (work/patient) marchar
    (work/patient) andar
    he's getting along just fine at school le va muy bien en el colegio
    • to get along with sth
    • how are you getting along with the preparations? ¿qué tal marchan los preparativos?
  • 4

    (be on good terms)
    llevarse bien
    to get along with sb llevarse bien con algn
    • we get along fine nos llevamos bien