Translation of gift in Spanish:


regalo, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡɪft//ɡɪft/


  • 1

    • 1.1(present)

      regalo masculine
      obsequio masculine formal
      Religion ofrenda feminine
      may I present you with a small gift? ¿puedo hacerle un pequeño obsequio? formal
      • your gift could save a child's life su donación podría salvar la vida de un niño
      • the perfect gift for the woman who has everything el obsequio perfecto para la mujer que lo tiene todo
      • a free gift in every packet un obsequio en cada paquete
      • it was a gift me lo regalaron
      • it's a gift at that price a ese precio es una ganga / un regalo
      • the exam was a gift el examen estaba regalado / tirado
      • a gift from the gods un regalo del cielo
      • never look a gift horse in the mouth a caballo regalado no le mires el diente / no se le miran los dientes
      • For something a little less bodacious, here's a neat online shop for fun gifts; I would recommend a new shower curtain.
      • It is basically for this reason that the appellant claims that the payments to him were gifts and did not attract tax.
      • Any gifts or payments to purchasing agents, suppliers and the like should be made honestly and openly.
      • The following morning, mercifully sunny, I shopped for gifts in the back streets and then headed for the airport.
      • To help those on the hunt for suitable gifts for loved ones in the family, as well as for friends, shops selling gifts have begun displaying a variety of articles.
      • The theme behind the design is the gift of perfume for Mother's Day, but the execution is that of stylized glamour.
      • An example was the wedding gift to one of his advisers' sons who was presented with a cheque for $50,000.
      • Internet shopping for gifts is predicted to set new records this season, while traditional retailers have been bracing themselves for empty aisles.
      • Why not visit the website and think about trouble-free shopping for your special gifts?
      • The king meant to present the elephant as a wedding gift to his nephew and future emperor of Europe, Maximilian II.
      • Presenting the gift, Grant said she had heard a lot about the group since her return from England and decided to pay them a visit to learn even more.
      • Her wedding gifts to her husband were spectacular.
      • The couple decided to forego wedding presents and gifts totalling £900 were handed over to the hospital.
      • I'll get you your final pay together as well as a bonus as a wedding gift, to help things along.
      • With Christmas coming, she said, a lot of men save their money to shop for family gifts.
      • Usually, if a woman wants to end the relationship, she returns the gift willingly.
      • The toasts were made, the wedding gifts presented, and finally we dined.
      • The plaques make ideal gifts for weddings and special occasions.
      • Potter would write out her stories in an exercise book, paste in a few watercolours and a number of pen-and-ink sketches and then present it as a gift to a favoured child.
      • Newlyweds normally have a present list that includes crockery and toasters, but a new alternative could see couples giving goat herds to poor countries as wedding gifts.
      • Aside from the gift of time, mothers like to feel pampered.
      • Certainly one can't have the receiver present while shopping for the gift!

    • 1.2(power of bestowal)

      to be in the gift of sb estar en manos de algn
      • the appointment to this post is in the gift of the president le incumbe al presidente hacer este nombramiento

  • 2

    don masculine
    her artistic gifts sus dotes artísticas
    • to have a gift for sth/ -ing
    • she has a gift for poetry tiene talento para la poesía
    • he has a gift for making people laugh tiene el don de saber hacer reír a la gente
    • he has a gift for saying the wrong thing tiene el don de la inoportunidad
    • the gift of the gab / the gift of gab labia
    • he has the gift of the gab tiene un pico de oro