Translation of gift token in Spanish:

gift token

(gift voucher)



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    • Why not get them a gift voucher or make them a friend of the gallery for a year.
    • First prize is a £50 gift voucher to spend in store, and one runner-up will receive an arrangement of flowers, worth £20.
    • The King then presented me with a gift token of £2.
    • The chairman presented Mrs Cross with a gift token in thanking her for all the hard work.
    • They later discovered it was because she'd already won the contest bagging herself a gift voucher for the store and a place in the regional finals.
    • I've even secured a gift voucher and bottle of bubbly for friends I always forget.
    • Adults boarding the airline's new airbus fleet to its five destinations in Europe, get a free gift voucher worth $35 and children, $20.
    • The caller will then ask the person to confirm their postcode and when this is done, the caller will say the person has become eligible for a gift voucher in appreciation of their co-operation.
    • A house-warming gift voucher bought me two garden chairs for the kitchen until the proper ones arrive.
    • The resolution states that in such cases, no VAT is due on the supply of gift vouchers and that VAT is due only when the gift voucher is used for payment for goods or services.
    • You can imagine my delight when, later in the week, I was presented with a surprise gift voucher for a full aromatherapy treatment.
    • Another colleague and neighbour, Joe Boyle, presented Paddy with a holiday gift voucher and a fishing rod.
    • Further more, if you pop your name and daytime telephone number below, you will also be entered into a raffle for a £50 gift voucher when you hand it in.
    • She was presented with a £50 gift voucher and a framed copy of her winning entry at the civic centre on Friday.
    • She had a gift voucher for two free tickets to a movie.
    • In a study, subjects were offered the choice of a gift token that could be used immediately or another that was worth more later.
    • However, as a gesture of goodwill, we are giving both the girls a £10 gift voucher.
    • I was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers, given a gift voucher to spend and someone took me round the store in a wheelchair.
    • All her clients also receive a quarterly newsletter, a birthday gift voucher and monthly special offers.
    • You could consider giving them a gift voucher to a favourite shop.