Translation of gift wrap in Spanish:

gift wrap

papel para regalo, n.

(gift wrapping)


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    papel para regalo masculine
    • Another £2 million profit increase and extra £500,000 profit could be achieved if the purchase of a firm which designs and manufactures gift wrap is finalised.
    • The firm handed over more than 30 rolls of gift wrap for the appeal which is collecting presents for children living in Bradford Council care homes.
    • Unwrapping begins with the painted bag, then moves to the hand-stamped gift wrap, decorated tags, handmade card, and finally the starring present.
    • Maybe we don't need to get swept away in a tidal wave of gift wrap every 12 months.
    • The images will be available for a wide range of consumer product uses, including prints, posters, greeting cards, calendars, gifts, gift wrap, home decor, apparel and many others.
    • A versatile handheld paper crimper gives a professional look to paper projects ranging from greeting cards to napkin rings, Christmas tree ornaments to gift wrap.
    • He had always been a firm believer that gift wrap was made to be torn, and people who took the time to open each fold carefully so that it may be reused, were the type of people that were silly.
    • So, of course I decline my free roll of gift wrap.
    • You can go down to your local fabric store and buy some inexpensive velvet, or beautifully themed material and make your own gift wrap!
    • He removes it from the remnants of its gift wrap.
    • The floor of his parents' room was teeming with presents in colorful gift wrap.
    • It's silly to spend $5 on a roll of gift wrap that someone is going to tear off and throw away minutes after they look at it.
    • Alice ripped away the gift wrap, and couldn't help screaming when she saw the cd.
    • Each year, tons of gift wrap go to landfills after the holidays are over.
    • You could even make a star out of gold gift wrap and light cardboard (like cereal-box cardboard) to put at the top.
    • On the side, he continued his design work, creating patterns for textiles, wallpaper, magazine covers, carpeting, gift wrap, ornaments, and tiles.
    • There it was, beneath a rumpled sheet of gift wrap.
    • With a little creativity, you can easily make your own gift wrap out of various kinds of paper you have lying around the house.
    • Make your own cards or gift wrap by using nature's bounty of freshly fallen leaves.
    • The gift wrap on presents for his host family was in the bag, but the gifts were gone, as was the camera specially purchased for his trip.

transitive verbgift wrapped, gift wrapping

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    envolver para regalo
    envolver para obsequio formal