Translation of gigantic in Spanish:


gigantesco, adj.

Pronunciation /dʒaɪˈɡæn(t)ɪk//dʒʌɪˈɡantɪk/


  • 1

    (wave/proportions) gigantesco
    (profit/success/appetite) enorme
    (success/profit/appetite) colosal
    (effort) titánico
    (effort) enorme
    tall? he's gigantic! ¿alto? ¡es un gigante!
    • I stepped out of the airport at 6.30 am and walked into what seemed to be a gigantic sauna.
    • The hunt for a house has been a gigantic part of my life for the last year so I'm bound to feel as if there's something missing.
    • And thus, money was saved on the editing budget and a gigantic media star was born in the process.
    • There was a gigantic tower on the bar graph for the number of people who were sick on a Monday.
    • The ground floor is a gigantic L-shaped open-plan dining room, kitchen and living room.
    • Most of those wars would not be possible without the diligent efforts of the West's gigantic arms trade.
    • Gas is transported in gigantic tankers and stored in tanks so cold that they create permafrost around them.
    • What started as a small bonfire has grown to the size of a gigantic tip.
    • Over at the machinery section, farmers gazed longingly at some of the latest gigantic tractors.
    • Yet the gigantic profits of the big banks would seem to suggest otherwise.
    • The lake acts as a gigantic solar panel, and a ring of mountains retains the heat.
    • He suddenly tenses up as he tells me this gigantic bus has just cut them off.
    • It looks like a gigantic version of a very cheap plastic Christmas tree.
    • I get confused between giant prawns, crayfish and langoustine, but these were gigantic.
    • His emblematic white mullet and gigantic cigar are reassuringly in place.
    • No ugly gigantic ramps will be needed to drive up to bus station level.
    • Finally, someone suggested a gigantic net be hung under the bridge to catch any who fell.
    • A gigantic greenhouse is now a ruined heap - a victim of the weekend's heavy snowfall.
    • I had no other choice, though I'm sure it will turn out to be a gigantic mistake.
    • Animation is a genre that has taken gigantic strides in creativity and in the use of technology.