Translation of gild in Spanish:


dorar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡɪld//ɡɪld/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (statue/picture frame) dorar
    gilded youth dorada juventud literary
    • On a gray ground, molded and gilded leaf-and-flower motifs cover the nearly flat bottom of the body.
    • There was a great white and gold fireplace and even a little gilded coffee table with a silver tea set sitting quaintly in the centre of the room.
    • The porcelain handles, which curve to enclose florets, are gilded to imitate gilt bronze.
    • The sun rose gracefully, and gilded the glorious Welsh hillsides with soft light.
    • They came to it rather quickly, the largest building in the village that was covered in jewels and gilded with gold.
    • The sun lanced through the overcast veil of blizzard-clouds and snow-squalls and gilded the twin vessels in shining gold.
    • If ever a palace came close to encapsulating what they describe in the fairy tales, this would be it, all spires, towers, and gilded gates.
    • While most were of a standard alloy of leaded bronze some were gilded or made in gold or silver.
    • The hand-carved and gilded wooden models, which fill the room, give expression to extravagant architectural dreams that could never have been built.
    • Most were gilded, although painted faux-marble frames are also found.
    • After the castings were attached, the entire frame was gilded in antique gold.
    • Elaborately carved woodwork and paneling called boiseries, often gilded or spiced with gold leaf, replaced solid wood trim.
    • The walls were light pink and the ceiling was gilded.
    • The entrance is shaded by several painted and gilded roofs supported by marble columns.
    • Almost everything was gilded in gold, and the room seemed to sparkle.
    • They crept out of the city under the oppressive darkness, and were on the slave roads once more by the time the sun burned through the dry clouds and gilded the plains.
    • The photographs also record, albeit subtly, the wear that evidences the many people who have gathered together under these gilded ceilings.
    • The doors were ornately carved and gilded with glistening gold.
    • The objects were carefully arranged in groups in carved and gilded wooden cabinets.
    • Gold and silver medals must be made of 92.5 percent pure silver; the gold medal must be gilded with at least six grams of gold.