Translation of gingerly in Spanish:


con cuidado, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɪndʒəli//ˈdʒɪndʒərli/


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    (touch/test/handle) con cuidado
    (handle/touch/test) con cautela
    he edged gingerly across the bridge cruzó el puente apenas atreviéndose a pisar
    • Carefully I slip out from under the covers and I gingerly try putting weight on my bad leg.
    • Amy leapt gingerly up onto the bed and climbed carefully into Tara's lap.
    • Gently, gingerly, she picked up the shoe and held it carefully in her cupped hand.
    • With a nod of his head as he inhaled the cigarette smoke, Laurie sat down rather gingerly.
    • She picked it up under the watchful eye of the stall keeper, and held it gingerly in her hands.
    • She said nothing and sat up in her bed and folded the paper gingerly in her hand.
    • The old boy got up rather gingerly, but insisted on playing on.
    • She sat down on the floor next to him and gingerly fingered the pages of the book he had in his lap.
    • Andrew sat down at his private table and gingerly threw his napkin into his lap.
    • I dumped my backpack in it, and gingerly climbed up and sat behind him on the motorcycle.
    • He jumped as flames licked his tail and sprinted gingerly away, careful to avoid more pain.
    • She was laughing as Josh gingerly sat down and started a playful wrestling match.
    • Nicky returned from washing his hands and sat gingerly on the edge of the sofa.
    • He went over to the sofa, limping slightly, and sat down gingerly.
    • I obliged her request and sat gingerly in the arm chair, turned slightly to face her.
    • Sophie sat up and gingerly slid her hand between the pillow and the mattress.
    • I gingerly picked the whole thing up and headed out of the house.
    • She asked me to take a seat and I sat on the armchair beside her, perching gingerly on the front of it.
    • When he returns I'm sitting gingerly in the corner of the very small dance floor.
    • I could feel scabs tearing and scratches throbbing when I gingerly sat on the mattress beside her.


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    (prod/push/manner) delicado
    (prod/manner/push) suave