Translation of gingivitis in Spanish:


gingivitis, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdʒɪndʒɪˈvʌɪtɪs//ˌdʒɪndʒəˈvaɪdəs/


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    gingivitis feminine
    • Acute ulcerative gingivitis (Vincent's disease) results from severe infection of the gums and is extremely painful.
    • Other oral conditions including dental abscesses, caries, gingivitis and oral ulceration (herpetic or bacterial) may occur.
    • A common periodontal disease is gingivitis - inflammation of the gums characterized by redness, swelling, and sometimes bleeding.
    • Gum bleeding is usually caused by gingivitis which is inflammation of the gum margin around the necks of the teeth.
    • This early stage of the disease is called gingivitis.