Translation of give in Spanish:


dar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡɪv//ɡɪv/

transitive verbgiven, gave

  • 1

    • 1.1(to hand)

      give her/me/them a glass of water dale/dame/dales un vaso de agua
      • he gave her/me/them a glass of water le/me/les dio un vaso de agua
      • give her something to eat dale algo de comer
      • give the tickets to Jane dale las entradas a Jane
      • give Jane the tickets dale las entradas a Jane
      • I've already given them to her ya se las he dado
      • The Maypole was traditionally given to the community by the local gentry.
      • He said the mens' weekly wages were given to them by the side of a roadway or in the woods where they may be working.
      • These awards were given to them for their kindness and generosity to their neighbours.
      • The 505-acre site was given to the trust by a mystery donor who bought it early in 2002.
      • All the money from sales is given to charity, the artist will accept no remuneration for his work.
      • It was given to me by his mom, Arlene, as a proud memorial to her son.
      • The property was given to the church to be used, not to be sold on.
      • The awards are given to children who achieved something against the odds.
      • This cash is given to farmers across the EU to help prop up their businesses through massive subsidies.
      • He has since been on bail and always denied any impropriety, maintaining the items were given to him by his employer.
      • She seemed unable to say ‘no’ to her son and is believed to have given him large amounts of money.
      • Offerings are given to the Gods as an act of giving something that one loves to the loved ones, he says.
      • No spare cash was given to Brown to finance his trip back to Glasgow.
      • The tokens are given to customers after they pay for their goods at checkout.
      • Most people who come to the tills are perfectly happy to give the suggested donation and many give more than is suggested.
      • The proceeds of the raffle were given to charity.
      • Your doctor tells you about the benefits of quitting and gives you some leaflets with useful advice and helpline phone numbers in them
      • If his first encounter of the day was with a sweeper, superstition dictated that he stop to give her five rupees.
      • Prizes are given to the best dancing couple and the couple who stays at the floor for the longest time.
      • Trey goes to the cupboard and comes back with two bags of chips, giving one to Bailey and keeping one for himself.

    • 1.2(to make a gift of)

      obsequiar formal
      to give sb a present hacerle un regalo a algn
      • it was given to me for my birthday me lo regalaron para mi cumpleaños
      • I wouldn't want it if she gave it to me no lo quiero ni regalado

    • 1.3(to donate)

      (money/tip/alms) dar
      (organ/blood) dar
      (blood/organ) donar
      they have given $100,000 for/toward a new music room han dado / donado $100.000/han contribuido con $100.000 para una nueva sala de música

    • 1.4(to devote)

      (affection/love) dar
      (attention) prestar
      she gave her life to the service of God consagró su vida al servicio del Señor
      • I'll give it some thought lo pensaré
      • please give serious consideration to our offer por favor considere seriamente nuestra oferta
      • I gave you the best years of my life te di / entregué los mejores años de mi vida
      • to give it all one's got dar lo mejor de sí
      • Since his death, family, friends and neighbours have given their support to Tracey.
      • We try to give them emotional support and an idea of what is right and wrong.
      • Mom gave her unconditional love and devotion to each and every one of her children.
      • We are prepared to give as much support or advice as is needed to help.
      • Many people have already given freely of their time and efforts to help so many unfortunate people.
      • We would like to hear from people who feel able to give emotional support to the bereaved.
      • Mr Peters said he wanted to thank the Bolton public for the support he had been given.
      • A great many people gave very generously of their time, money and energy to make it a reality.
      • I want to thank the many people who gave generously of their time on the legal support team.
      • You must have given a great deal of thought to this.
      • But just as much as he loved giving affection, he also liked being on the receiving end of it.
      • This did not prevent him from giving considerable time to public activities.
      • The club are happy to see more parents attending games and giving their support to the players.
      • Well, for starters, they should receive a decent income for giving their time to public service.
      • Call a friend or family member who can help you and give you emotional support.
      • She has enjoyed being able to give love and support to the elderly and motivate her staff to do the same.
      • He needs just the same love and support that any parent would give at a time like this.
      • All the medical staff have given me the highest level of dedication, care and support they could have given.
      • Throughout the emotional ordeal the doctors and nurses were on hand to give her support and advice.
      • I have been giving my support and providing inspiration to all of these new bodies, because I see that they add to the total momentum of what we are able to do.
      • And the support Sure Start gives to parents is helping families not just to cope, but to prosper.
      • You are generous and giving to friends, loved ones and family but impatient of opposition.
      • If you're like many college students, you've probably given some thought to attending graduate or professional school.
      • I pretty much give my time to whoever needs it, and for me that's maybe how it should be.
      • I have been giving some thought as to how the annoying buzzing sound of model aircraft can be, to other listeners, a mere gentle drone?
      • The women's network has given them emotional support to try to talk to their parents.
      • All of us in the house try to give as much love and guidance and support as we possibly can.
      • The staff gave all their love, care and support, thus enabling me to overcome my fears.
      • Maybe they have given them emotional support during a difficult period in their life.
      • His energy is used only for composing and for music - as well as the ludicrously generous amount of time he gives to his students.

    • 1.5(to sacrifice)

      (life) dar
      (life) entregar

    • 1.6(to administer, to serve)

      (injection/sedative) dar
      (injection/sedative) administrar formal
      what did they give you for dinner? ¿qué te dieron de cenar?
      • She advised Zoe to apply for work experience to give her a taste of the job.
      • This new experience had given her a sense of peace which she was loathe to let go of.
      • All federal members of parliament will be given the right to speak and move motions.
      • Children and families come to the centre for support, and are given opportunities they might not get at home.
      • Charity work can be very satisfying, as well as giving you work experience.
      • Her experiences gave her a sense of empathy and responsibility, she says.
      • Lorraine was not given the opportunity to speak during the service, something she regrets.
      • As a relationship develops, each shared experience gives us the chance to check out if we're compatible.
      • That gave us experience of booking a hall, doing the publicity and selling tickets.
      • Various resources in the community would contribute to giving the family a new start.
      • You do these things because you hope that they will give you pleasure.
      • He said the experience gave him a new appreciation for small business owners.
      • I think all the experience had given me a feeling for what individual audiences want.
      • Composed, but upbeat and twinkly, Fran says the experience has given her a balanced perspective on life.
      • Cassidy read the note over a few more times before the telephone rang and gave her a start.
      • On the second day there I was given the opportunity to speak to children in the afternoon at the local junior school.
      • Every single politician we spoke to gave us their wholehearted support.
      • The experience gives him a newfound confidence that might be mistaken for sentimentality.
      • Playing last year in the USA was a great experience and it has given me a real taste for travel.
      • The experience gave her a huge lift, as she has suffered from several personal tragedies in recent years.

    • 1.7(to offer)

      (arm/hand) dar

  • 2

    • 2.1(to grant)

      (protection/shelter) dar
      (help/hospitality) dar
      (hospitality/help) brindar
      (idea) dar
      give her something to do dale algo que / para hacer
      • that should give him something to think about eso debería darle en qué pensar

    • 2.2(to allow, to concede)

      (opportunity/permission/advantage) dar
      (opportunity/permission/advantage) conceder formal
      we can easily do the job, given time podemos hacer el trabajo fácilmente, si nos dan tiempo
      • given the choice, I'd … si me dieran a elegir, yo …
      • he's a good worker, I'll give him that, but … es muy trabajador, hay que reconocerlo, pero …
      • I'd give their marriage a year at the most le doy un año a su matrimonio, como mucho
      • the doctors only give him three months los médicos le dan solo tres meses
      • it would take us 15 months, give or take a week or two nos llevaría unos 15 meses, semana más, semana menos
      • It was because when they treated us like that they are not giving women the respect we deserve.
      • Overwhelmed with material today, I shall have to postpone giving her arguments the attention they deserve.
      • She's pretty, you have to give her that much.
      • Please give these mums the respect they deserve, they're not out to ruin your day, honest!
      • We will be fully focussed and we will give them the respect they deserve but not too much.
      • Give it your all, but most of all look like you know what you are doing and give the fans the respect they deserve.
      • Again, McNamara must be given credit for the forward run and the timing of Sutton's lay off was perfect.
      • Her photographs deserve far more than this, and the compiler gives them their due.
      • So, if the visuals are not given the proper attention they deserve, the film will duly suffer.
      • He must be given credit for coming forward to the police.
      • Socks are a vital part of your walking kit yet they are rarely given the attention that they deserve.
      • We've had some good derbies against them in recent seasons but will be giving them the respect they deserve.
      • Thank you for taking the time to read this and giving it the serious consideration that it deserves.
      • The new administration should be given passing marks for its swift reaction to the quake.
      • To give him his due, the counter clerk refused to be intimidated.

  • 3

    (to pay, to exchange)
    what will you give me for it? ¿cuánto me das por él?
    • I'd give anything for a cigarette no sé qué daría por un cigarrillo
    • I'd give a lot to see them happy ¡qué no daría por verlos felices!
    • I had an email from a guy who was a dealer asking me to cancel the auction and let him give me £800 cash for the pair of them.
    • ‘At last,’ he exclaimed, in an excitable way, ‘a bid of £25,000 from Mr Clarkson. Now. Who'll give me £26,000?’
    • In this system, money could be given as a present, but it could not be given as direct payment.
    • Now it was down to the bartering. ‘What'll you give for the apricots?’
    • ‘What would you give for it?’ he continued. ‘Gee, I don't know. I don't have any Brazilian money anyway.’
  • 4

    • 4.1(to cause)

      (pleasure/joy/shock) dar
      (cough/pain) dar
      don't give us your germs/cold! ¡no nos pegues tus microbios/tu resfriado! informal
      • The principle gave a very unladylike snort and tried to cover it up with a cough.
      • I heard the girl give a very animal-like growl and jump from the ferry in pursuit.
      • They seemed to enjoy themselves as I heard her give an annoyingly sweet laugh.
      • The bear reappeared briefly, gave a few more roars, then disappeared into the woods.
      • She started, giving a little gasp herself and turned back to look at him.
      • It gave a low, thrilling sound; and Toki began to sing, and his voice had in song a sweetness it never had in speech.
      • It quickly backed away giving a noise that sounded a bit like a whimper.
      • Nat gave a louder gasp that drew some more shuffles from the other side of the room.
      • After giving a somewhat amused snort at my audacity, he asked me what it was I wanted to know.
      • "No, " he said, making her give an exasperated grunt.
      • His wrist gave an ugly grinding sound and searing pain tore through him like knives.
      • He puts his hand over hers and she squeezes it, he gives this sad little sound.
      • He just leaned forward himself and gave a tiny, bubbly laugh.
      • The others quickly ran up the stairs, each one giving a loud squeaking noise.
      • I heard her give an audible sigh before giving me a weak smile.
      • Her companion widened her eyes in amazement and gave a little indulgent gasp.
      • The audience gives a great collective gasp, their snacks forgotten.
      • At the middle, he froze too as the pillar gave a huge groaning noise and crumbled.

    • 4.2(to yield)

      (results) dar
      (warmth/light) dar
      (milk/fruit) dar
      • The lights look wonderful giving a very festive air to the village and are a credit to those responsible for putting them up.
      • By the way, I do not recommend using hedge trimmers as it gives a too sheared appearance.
      • The colour combination gives an exotic appearance, setting this daffodil apart from others.
      • Treating the material when it is flat gives much better results.
      • The first gives a neater result, while the second, which I think the more interesting, is not for the fainthearted.
      • The finest recipes omit the semolina, giving an extra spongy result.
      • The main dining area is circular, with high windows giving a very light and airy feel to the place.
      • I've used leaf gelatine, which is well worth tracking down as it gives a much finer result.
      • However, the kind of technology that we have developed gives a very high yield indeed.
      • He believes that bead blasting with aluminum oxide gives a finer finished product than glass bead.
      • A single pesticidal product rarely gives the most effective and economical control.
      • Microwave irradiation can also allow the use of less or no solvent and can produce fewer byproducts, giving a purer product.
      • Russ always wanted to have a Saxophone in the band as it gives a ‘party’ feeling to the music.

  • 5

    • 5.1(when introducing somebody)

      ladies and gentleman, I give you tonight's guest … señoras y señores, les presento a nuestro invitado de esta noche …

    • 5.2(when making a toast)

      I give you the Bride and Bridegroom propongo un brindis por los novios

  • 6

    • 6.1(to award)

      (degree/title) dar
      (title/degree) otorgar formal
      (title/degree) conferir formal
      (right/authority) dar
      (authority/right) otorgar formal
      (authority/right) conceder formal
      (contract) dar
      (contract) adjudicar
      (mark) dar
      (mark) poner
      the referee has given a corner el árbitro ha señalado córner
      • the judge gave her five years el juez le dio cinco años / la condenó a cinco años

    • 6.2(to adjudge)

      the ball was given out by the linesman el juez de línea dijo que la pelota estaba fuera
      • The judge saw the film for himself and gave his verdict in a matter of a few days.
      • On Thursday the tribunal was adjourned to allow the panel to consider legal issues in the case before giving their judgement.
      • Mr Justice Munby was giving his ruling in an adoption case where a woman was paid just 1,000 US dollars to hand over her newborn daughter to an adoption agency.
      • The hearing ended on Thursday and Mr Justice Sullivan will give his judgement this week.
      • It is understood a mass verdict will be given when the hearings have finally ended.
      • She fell silent for a few minutes, before giving her verdict.
      • Dame Elizabeth, giving her ruling in London, told the court that in her judgment Greater Manchester Newspapers Ltd was in breach of an injunction she granted in January 8 this year to protect the pair after their release.

    • 6.3(to entrust)

      (responsibility/task) dar
      (responsibility/task) confiar
      (responsibility/task) encomendar
      he was given charge of 30 children pusieron a 30 niños a su cargo
      • she's given me her car to fix me ha dejado el coche para que se lo arregle
      • Each group is then given into the care of a group leader who will then stay with that group for the whole of their stay.
      • The child was given into the custody of the mother.
      • Maybe she was afraid of committing and giving herself and her heart to someone.
      • Any investment property can be given into the care of a property management company.

  • 7

    (to make a sound, a movement)
    (beating/cry/jump) dar
    (cry/jump/beating) pegar
    (laugh) soltar
    (kiss) dar
    he gave a sigh of relief suspiró aliviado
    • to give sb a push/kick darle un empujón/una patada a algn
    • to give sb a wink hacerle una guiñada / un guiño a algn
    • go on, give us a smile a ver, una sonrisita
    • he gave my hand a squeeze me apretó la mano
    • give your hands a good wash lávate bien las manos
    • I'll give it a quick look le echaré una miradita
    • why not give it a try? ¿por qué no pruebas / no lo intentas?
    • She didn't bother answering that, giving him a scathing look instead.
    • He tried and failed to sound reassuring, giving his most trustworthy smile.
    • The man gave a tight lipped smile, nodding as he downed half the drink and lost his breath.
    • Louisa squeals and gives Georgie a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, then does the same to her father.
    • He raised one eyebrow, stared steadily at her and then gave a short nod.
    • She scanned his face for a full minute, then gave a slow nod.
    • If all this sounds familiar, give yourself a pat on the back for paying attention.
    • She knew she sounded crazy and the look her sister gave her confirmed it that she sounded crazy.
    • She slammed her locker shut and clicked the lock, giving Jacob a funny smile with the eyebrow raised again.
    • She gave Bond a ringing slap across the eyes and burst into tears.
    • He gives one of his rumbling belly laughs, then replies that he is certainly not Superman.
    • Bang on time, she walked past my window, this time giving me a little smile.
    • Allie drummed slender fingers on the table's shiny surface, giving her head a shake.
    • I looked up at her, to see her give me a gentle smile.
  • 8

    • 8.1(to convey)

      (message/news/apologies/thanks) dar
      please give my regards to your mother dale recuerdos a tu madre
      • A leaflet has been compiled giving drivers the strong message that speed kills.
      • That seems to typify the message the Government gives to New Zealanders.
      • I have a very simple message to give those who are listening to the debate in the House today.
      • He looked almost bored with repeating the message he had given on countless other occasions.
      • I wonder whether the senior Government whip is giving that message to his Ministers and to his caucus.
      • It gives a clear social message and has a clear social benefit.
      • I had a go at the commercial manager for not having given me a telephone message.
      • My concern is that the message given by our Government is that alcohol is OK.
      • Canon John Young gives his Christmas message, seeking hope and happiness at the end of a long and sometimes troubling year.
      • Get big or get out was the message our government policies gave to the farmers.
      • The message would have to be given in a subtle not a patronising way.
      • This approach gives a very mixed message, as was all too clear from the press coverage of the latest report published in January.
      • The most important message we have to give is that his death was not a random act.
      • In his own way, the bishop was repeating the message that Jesus gave the rich young man.
      • Fed-up rail commuters have been given a message of hope from fellow travellers on Merseyside.
      • It just really gives a very important message to parents to watch out for their kids.
      • And by and large the message that they gave very clearly was that they are interested in politics.
      • In effect, by doing nothing the Minister is giving a Government message that we do not care if people abuse trusts.
      • Should we be giving young people the message that drugs are the answer?
      • She wanted to give a very clear message that bullying was not acceptable in schools.

    • 8.2(to state)

      (details/answer/explanation/information/address/name) dar
      (opinion/order/advice) dar
      to give evidence declarar
      • she gave a detailed description of the place describió el lugar detalladamente
      • the answers are given on page 23 las soluciones están / vienen en la página 23
      • the judge has given his verdict el juez ha dictado sentencia
      • they gave me no warning no me advirtieron
      • she gave me her word me dio su palabra
      • don't give me all that stuff about … no me vengas con el cuento / la historia de que …
      • The union may require the information to be given in writing but not that any particular documents be produced.
      • To be fair, Kevin Drum also didn't like it, but gives rather better reasons which he went on to justify.
      • In contrast, the daily life exhibit gives little or no information on the daily life of the ancient Egyptians.
      • One logical reason I often give for this is that I can move faster and keep warmer in trousers.
      • Can you give some more information about where you are working or what the project is?
      • This may seem contrived, but essentially the same argument can be given in a more natural form.
      • John gave a general synopsis and managed the slides and Jo gave a more detailed explanation.
      • He spoke only to give his name and personal details during the five-minute hearing.
      • Given that this is the only basis you give for objecting to certain facts, I put it to you that it is rather weak.
      • The initial argument, given by those who had read from the books, put Wuthering Heights firmly in the lead.
      • A reason politicians often give for not legalising cannabis is that it leads to harder drugs.
      • The solicitors now gave rather more details of Mr Lumley's past history.

  • 9

    • 9.1(to hold)

      (party/dinner) dar
      (party/dinner) ofrecer formal
      • Recently I gave a very elegant dinner party and invited everyone I want to impress at my new job.
      • He gives the dullest parties in town and is stingy with the drinks.
      • There will always be time to go to work, clean the house, give a dinner party and fix the waste disposal unit.
      • The subject was raised at a dinner party he gave for staff attending the literary festival.
      • Hell, if I replaced the kitchen, I'd have to justify it by giving regular dinner parties.
      • She gives lavish dinner parties when entertaining her husband's business friends.
      • This way you won't keep the neighbors up at night just because you are giving a back yard party.
      • A great reception was given to the winners when they were presented with their prizes.
      • The only time I met him was at a dinner party given by one of his sons, who was an Oxford friend of mine.
      • The gorgeous house where you could give those dinner parties is the same kind of house Lynette wishes she could escape.
      • You just shouldn't spend that much money on giving your thirteen-year-old a party.
      • The General and Lady Spears came out and stayed quite a long time during the dry season, giving a very grand party to which nearly everyone was invited.
      • But basically people give dinner parties at home because they want to be liked.
      • We were guests of honour and given a slap up feast, then my friends went on stage to play their set.

    • 9.2(to stage, to perform)

      (concert/recital/lecture) dar
      (speech) decir
      (speech) pronunciar formal
      give us a song! ¡cántanos una canción!

  • 10

    (to show, to indicate)
    (temperature/speed) señalar
    (speed/temperature) marcar
    to give the time dar la hora
    • my watch gives the time as 7:37 mi reloj marca las 7:37

intransitive verbgiven, gave

  • 1

    • 1.1(to yield under pressure)

      (plastic/leather) ceder
      (leather/plastic) dar de sí
      sooner or later something had to give tarde o temprano algo tenía que estallar
      • they won't give an inch no cederán un ápice
      • The butter is softened enough when it gives slightly when pressed but still holds its shape.
      • To test them, press one with your finger and it should just give under the pressure.
      • He had Sam by the wrist and could feel the bone giving under the pressure he was exerting.
      • The situation escalates to the point that something has to give.
      • The ice gave and broke with the weight.
      • Is it because the clubface gives a little, resulting in slightly less deformation of the ball during impact?
      • If the flesh gives under light pressure without falling apart, the fish is perfectly done.
      • Either way, it's ready when the skin gives easily under pressure and the meat is tender.
      • The door finally gave but not without the hinges making a loud protest.

    • 1.2(to break, to give way)

      the planks simply gave under the weight las tablas se rompieron bajo el peso
      • my legs gave under me me fallaron / se me doblaron las piernas

  • 2

    • 2.1US informal (to surrender)

      darse por vencido
      I give, what is the capital of Albania? me doy por vencida / me rindo ¿cuál es la capital de Albania?

    • 2.2US dated slang (to divulge information)

      cantar slang
      • So come on. Give. What's the bad news?
      • Alright. Give. What's up? You still have a secret, don't you?
      • So give, what's the reason behind it?
      • So give! What's happening with him?
      • OK, give: Why the cut?

  • 3

    (to make a gift)
    it is better to give than to receive es mejor dar que recibir
    • to give to charity dar dinero a organizaciones de caridad
    • please give generously contribuyan generosamente por favor


  • 1

    elasticidad feminine
    this fabric doesn't have much give in it esta tela no da mucho de sí
    • When choosing them, look for those with a blotchy yellow or orange skin and with a slight give when pressed.
    • Thai fishcakes tend to have a foam-like quality: like padded cushions with a bit of a give.
    • He felt the gentle give of the handcuffs beneath his expert hands and reigned in his emotions.
    • To perform good dressage, you want the ground to give you something back, a bit of give and bounce.
    • We are on this type of surface for the rest of the route and very nice it is too, a bit of give under the boots for comfort, and you do not have to watch your feet.