Translation of glamour in Spanish:


glamour, n.

(US glamor)

Pronunciation /ˈɡlæmər//ˈɡlamə/


  • 1

    glamour masculine
    (photograph) (before noun) sexy
    (sport/profession) rodeado de glamour
    • With the glitz, glamour and sense of history-in-the-making absent, yesterday was simply a rather poor tennis match, which no one much minded who won, least of all the two girls.
    • Today she gets herself on TV and wants to become a glamour model.
    • The photograph was of a well-known glamour model, taken and used with her consent.
    • I am sure the meeting will have all its usual glitz and glamour, as well as plenty of exciting racing, and it could be a big fillip.
    • She was glitz, glamour and pizzazz ripped from the headlines.
    • The glamour and glitz of the event is keenly awaited - after all it is touted to be the ‘first of its kind,’ in terms of bringing all the stars together on one stage.
    • The island has long since been a firm favourite of A-list celebrities desperate to escape the glitz and glamour of their showbiz lives.
    • Police are investigating whether a robber who slashed a teacher's face with a screwdriver is the same man who attacked a glamour model.
    • How often is it that the most admirable woman represented in a documentary is a glamour model, especially when she is in the company of ‘average’ women?
    • But film appearances and glamour shots do not exhaust the possibilities of image crafting.
    • It's time again for the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards.
    • The other side to Mark's job is the glamour photography, providing pictures of scantily-clad models for a number of men's titles.
    • Even when one guy did get the girl in the magazine, a successful size eight glamour model, it was not enough.
    • Popular and not so popular celebrities have been drafted in to add some showbiz glamour.
    • The girl was no longer a pin-up, but a glamour model, and so approachable that readers were encouraged to believe they stood a chance with her.
    • To become a top glamour photographer takes time.
    • She is a well-known glamour model who allows her photograph to appear in sex industry advertisements.
    • But now the 18-year-old is becoming a sought-after glamour model - and the money is rolling in.
    • Ten years of glitz and glamour, honoring the men and women who serve in what many here call a thankless profession.
    • They wandered past a beach shop and arrived at the end of their journey: the other side of the mall and a glamour photographer's studio.
    • The same applies to girls who would prefer to be glamour models.
    • There's so much excitement, and glitz, and glamour here.
    • The glitz, glamour and sheer size of the big screen took the breath away.
    • Then after a fabulous night of glitz and glamour, it would be time to ‘turn back into a pumpkin again’.
    • Two glamour models were among the guests and they had one intention and that was to shock.
    • They were bad girls, glamour girls and no-good dames, and they had uniform.
    • There's not a repairman in sight, because plugging all those little money holes brings little glamour to politicians.
    • Middle ways can be reasonable and serious proposals to reform polarized debates, but they also can lack glamour.
    • Yes, I know full well that loads of money in no way guarantees you health or happiness, and I would much rather my ordinary lifestyle compared to the glitz and glamour.
    • The question is, do I ditch my old friends and lifestyle in favour of glamour models and showbiz parties?
    • She had college qualifications in business and accountancy, but worked part-time as a glamour model and air stewardess.
    • However, the show wasn't all glitz and glamour.
    • You know, despite all of modern medicine's glitz and glamour, sometimes the old fashioned remedies work the best.
    • ALL too often the glitz and glamour of major building projects overshadow the sweat and toil of the ordinary men and women who worked on them.
    • This promises to be a night of glamour, glitz and fashion.
    • Would these ludicrous appointments have anything to do with his former career in the glamour industry?
    • Originally she worked as a glamour model and starred in porn films - and she hopes eventually to return to the world of topless modelling.
    • It certainly gives me hope that there is a little romance to be found in the world for us normal people, without all the glitz and glamour of a soap opera.
    • Our response is automatic because, like the rest of the world's population, we've been conditioned to believe that the television industry is all glitz and glamour.