Translation of glance in Spanish:


mirada, n.

Pronunciation /ɡlæns//ɡlɑːns/


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    mirada feminine
    they exchanged furtive glances se miraron disimuladamente
    • she shot / threw me a warning glance me lanzó una mirada de advertencia
    • to take a glance at sth echarle una ojeada a algo
    • he cast a quick glance over the headlines les echó una rápida ojeada a los titulares
    • There were no shrieks of protest; just a sidelong, questioning glance.
    • Feeling slightly awkward, she threw a puzzled glance over her shoulder.
    • Avery cast a long, sideways glance in his direction and glared at him.
    • People are distracted, throwing furtive glances over their shoulders.
    • Feeling very frustrated I snuck a glance at my clock, 1: 26.
    • Without a word or a glance around the room he sat down by himself.
    • A glance at his watch told him that it was way past dinner time.
    • I waited for a few girls to come down the stairs, smiled distractedly at their approving glances, and then hurried upstairs.
    • This is but a brief glance back into how our ancestors managed to live without electricity or many of the mod cons we have today.
    • She smiles, even before turning to him, and then casts a sidelong glance in his direction.
    • I kept shooting nervous glances at the clock.
    • Her eyes were vacant, and the three newcomers exchanged questioning glances.
    • A tentative glance around the room assured her she wouldn't be noticed.
    • The briefest of glances in her direction found her to be still looking at me, still silent.
    • A closer glance told me it was Angelo.
    • Rachel gave herself a last glance in the mirror before she left for the party.
    • Two cops walk in; one takes a cursory glance at the menu and orders a French dip.
    • John stole a quick glance over his shoulder.
    • Just before I rounded the corner I spared the house one last glance in my rear view mirror.
    • She took a glance back at the girls, who all paid close attention.

intransitive verb

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    she glanced from the one to the other su mirada iba de uno a otro
    • to glance at sth echarle una ojeada a algo
    • to glance at sb echarle una mirada a algn
    • she glanced up from her book levantó la vista del libro por un momento
    • he glanced over his shoulder echó un vistazo por encima del hombro
    • would you mind just glancing over this report? ¿le darías un vistazo a este informe?
    • she glanced round miró hacia atrás
    • he glanced toward her/in her direction dirigió la mirada hacia ella/hacia donde ella estaba
    • I saw him frown and I watched, as it grew deeper when he glanced at me for a moment before glancing back down at the photo.
    • Chloe then glanced down at her watch and noticed the time.
    • She reached the other side and stopped on the curb, then glanced back over her shoulder.
    • He was looking around anxiously, glancing up the stairs and towards the kitchen.
    • He gave a sigh of relief as she glanced at him and gave him a small smile, then glanced back down at the floor and blushed.
    • The boy glanced back over his shoulder and beckoned her onwards, then disappeared into the darkness.
    • He glanced at his wristwatch, and decided it was time to move.
    • While he was standing behind a beam he glanced upward at the windows overhead.
    • "So what are you getting, " Kace inquired as she quickly glanced up in his direction.
    • I glanced to my left and saw the tears in my mother's eyes.
    • The man glanced at the clock on the far wall.
    • The old man glanced in her general direction before getting back to what he had been doing earlier.
    • I glanced at a kid that looked about my age who was glancing around nervously until he saw me looking at him and gave me a hard look.
    • My mother smiled wisely, glancing upward briefly before turning her gaze to me.
    • She stood up cautiously, briefly glancing around to make sure that everything was as it should have been.
    • He glanced sidelong at his passenger, wondering what she was running away from.
    • They went back to their places mumbling and grumbling, but always taking quick glances our way.
    • Scott, driving, continued to glance in the rearview mirror to watch them.
    • Her violet colored eyes blinked rapidly and she nervously glanced down at the clipboard.
    • The stranger looked very unsettled by this, and just glanced around helplessly for a moment.