Translation of glare in Spanish:


mirada, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡlɛː//ɡlɛr/


  • 1

    mirada feminine
    she shot him a glare of anger/defiance le lanzó una mirada iracunda/desafiante
    • She swayed to the music as she sang and groups of boys stared at her and got angry glares from other girls.
    • On Friday, for example, we were treated to the full repertoire of stares, glares and sighs, all of which do nothing but make him look a right prat in front of his hosts.
    • No, not a death glare; just one of those teasing glares you give your friends, your students and co-workers.
    • Many women were giving him strange looks and dirty glares as he started to run.
    • During our exchanges there were plenty of glares and stares, and maybe even a couple of opinions shared.
    • I didn't much feel like having a miserable evening of Dad being uncomfortable while Mom and me sent angry glares at each other.
    • Many were sending and receiving fierce glares.
    • The implication grants him another series of angry glares.
    • When the speech began, the foreign players shared quizzical glances, which soon turned to angry glares.
    • Walking through the halls, I tried to ignore the gasps, whispering, stares, and the glares coming my way.
    • Around the room angry glares were thrown at Josh who responded by smiling bashfully and trying to shrink against the window pane behind him.
    • My parents nodded again, their looks turning into glares and Debbie started to smile.
    • Nine of the ten pilots were sitting around on crates or boxes, talking to each other, shooting glares and dirty looks at the remaining one.
    • She usually gave me very solemn, or angry glares.
    • They all stared at her with glares on their faces.
    • Now, every time you pass her in the hail, she not only stares but glares.
    • Both sides were throwing glares and looks of contempt.
    • They entered the Council room only a moment later and were instantly greeted by an even number of displeased glares and calm stares.
    • His remark was met with various glares and dirty looks.
    • At first there were angry glares, but these were soon followed by comments which left him in little doubt that his safety was at risk.

    hostil, feroz, de odio etc

  • 2

    resplandor masculine
    luz deslumbradora feminine
    the glare of publicity las luces / los focos de la publicidad
    • For those that must be on, switch to a lower wattage or try low-pressure sodium lights that reduce glare.
    • The diffusers provide a unified, decorative look to the ceiling, reducing glare and spreading the light smoothly over a large area.
    • English pistols were usually browned to reduce glare and light reflection.
    • The instrument faces are coated with electro-chromatic device which regulates glare according to ambient light levels.
    • Office arrangement, lighting, resolution and glare from the screen are also important.
    • Similarly, an anti-reflection coating can be given to avoid glare from light.
    • Light's bleaching glare may saturate the picture plane, obscuring tone, details and minute particulars.
    • The site is also relatively long in the east-west direction, so avoiding the sun's glare at dawn and in the late afternoon.
    • To reduce glare from laser light, the models were painted black.
    • Capping the atrium is a dome, with a glazed section cut at an angle to admit north light and eliminate glare and solar gain.
    • Every light inside the ship burst on at full intensity, the bright glare cruelly lighting the snow and lowering skies.
    • When nighttime outdoor lights send glare up and out instead of down, they don't just waste energy, they drown out the sky, too.
    • We were told that the idea was to absorb light and hence reduce glare.
    • Change the monitor location or tilt it to eliminate glare from lights or windows.
    • It sees headlight dazzle in its rear view mirror and dims the mirror to avoid glare.
    • There's glare from the artificial light, which leads to issues like not being able to see dust and smoke and equipment coming at you.
    • If you have too much light or glare, computer screens can be affected and buildings can get too hot.
    • These treatments diffuse light but may increase glare as surface brightness is increased.
    • The stadium lights glare down coldly as you inhale a deep breath of cold, crisp air.
    • The last type of coating is the anti-reflective. It utilizes mental oxides to block reflected light and to reduce glare.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to glare at sb fulminar a algn con la mirada
  • 2

    (spotlight/headlights) brillar
    (spotlight/headlights) relumbrar
    the sun glared (down) relentlessly el sol caía implacable

transitive verb

  • 1

    to glare defiance/hate at sb lanzarle miradas desafiantes/de odio a algn