Translation of glass in Spanish:


vidrio, n.

Pronunciation /ɡlɑːs//ɡlæs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(material)

      vidrio masculine
      cristal masculine Spain
      (crystal) cristal masculine
      (door/roof) (before noun) de vidrio
      (roof/door) (before noun) de cristal Spain
      a pane of glass un cristal Spain
      • the burglars broke the glass to get in los ladrones rompieron el cristal para entrar
      • broken glass cristales rotos
      • to be grown under glass cultivarse en invernadero
      • a glass case una vitrina
      • a glass eye un ojo de cristal
      • First of all, you should always be drinking quality beers out of a glass.
      • Other superstitions hold that by continuing to drink out of a glass after the toast is to dilute that toast.
      • I press my nose against the cool glass of the lobby door, and shade my eyes so I can see past the glare.
      • Soda is one of the most common ores of sodium found in nature and it was used very early in human history to make glass.
      • Interior windows and glass in doors allow maximum daylight but were sandblasted for privacy.
      • Also there was a long wooden table with benches on either side of it and a tall wooden cupboard with glass windows in the doors.
      • The pub's big windows and glass door make it easy to see anyone in the street.
      • The metal used was a soft soda lime glass, which in inclined to pitting and will give a misleading impression of age.
      • You pour the wine in a glass, and you drink it as you consume your meal - no tricks, no secrets.
      • It has an important collection of 18th century drinking glasses, a tranquil walled garden and a garden tearoom.
      • Householders across the district are being urged to take part in a major scheme to boost the amount of glass and cans recycled in Bradford.
      • Once the milk has cooled, pour it into glass containers and refrigerate immediately.
      • But in this case, the noise was kept down by balancing the amount of glass with drywall.
      • The amount of glass recycled so far amounts to almost ten per cent of the waste produced by local households.
      • I am so used to using plastic cups everywhere that the drink glasses seemed unmanageably heavy and got very cold from the ice!
      • No doubt a great deal of whisky is drunk in New York, but almost all of it, surely, is drunk from whiskey glasses?
      • Verify that the sliding glass door and all windows are locked and secure.
      • Both parties must then drink until the glass is dry, whether it contains alcohol or not.
      • The same, I'm told, was true as to proposals that fast-food restaurants use glasses rather than paper cups.
      • As the amount of glass used in a house increases, the energy efficiency usually decreases.
      • Hard materials tend to be very brittle, take glass for instance.
      • She called for pubs and bars to serve all bottled drinks in glasses, to discourage drinkers from leaving the premises with them.
      • The writer was also extremely enthusiastic about the ‘good selection of wine and very large glasses to drink out of.’
      • Marsh samphire, as noted above, is also known as glasswort from its former use in soda glass manufacture.
      • Silica is one of the basic materials of sand and it forms glass when it fuses.
      • The police had expressed concerns about the amount of glass used in the building and its location near a road that could leave it vulnerable to a car bomb.
      • In mitigation, he claimed he was so drunk he forgot the glass was in his hand.
      • I still find it difficult to drink out of pint glasses at home.
      • His picture decorates stickers, cigarette lighters, record sleeves, cups, beer glasses and so on - Che is omnipresent.
      • For anyone who does not know, glass is a hard, transparent or translucent brittle material that does not dissolve is not flammable.
      • Around 600 car parking spaces are planned for the store, which has been designed using a large amount of glass fronting.
      • Drinks from plastic containers always taste different than those from glass containers.
      • Sure, we will all eat from different dishes and drink from different glasses, but we will all be able to agree that the meal is delicious.
      • We all lift our glasses and drink the wine down, afraid of what grandma will do if we don't follow through.
      • I closed my eyes and leaned against the cool glass window, feeling sick.
      • I once saw a girl drinking beer from a pint glass with a straw.

    • 1.2(glassware)

      cristalería feminine
      cristal masculine
      • In addition, vinegar can be used to remove price labels from glass, wood, and china.
      • Their caravan is warm and homely, with glass and china neatly displayed.
      • Somehow, it seemed that one of their salesmen was selling far more glass than any of the other members of the sales force.
      • Lesser items, such as old magazines, inexpensive glass and china ware, may just sit in boxes.
      • His hard work paid off when the antiques company sold him its entire collection of glass.
      • Not just for the traditionalist either; some of the modern china and glass designs are stunning.
      • There will also be antique glass, china, furniture and metalware on display.
      • Books went well, as did glass and china ware on the White Elephant stall.
      • Also up for grabs are china, glass and pottery by leading names Wedgwood, Foley, Staffordshire.
      • The firm sells high quality china, glass and collectables.
      • He said his father, a china and glass merchant, was not particularly pleased when he announced he wanted to be an actor.
      • It sells ceramics, glass, silver, paper and pretty much anything that takes her fancy.
      • Some composites such as precious opal protected between layers of quartz or glass are sold as such.

  • 2

    vaso masculine
    (with stem) copa feminine
    a champagne glass una copa de champán
    • a glass of champagne una copa de champán
    • a set of crystal glasses un juego de copas/vasos de cristal
    • she gets quite talkative when she's had a glass or two cuando se ha tomado unas copas le da por hablar
  • 3glasses plural

    • 3.1(spectacles)

      gafas feminine
      lentes masculine Latin America
      anteojos masculine Latin America
      he wears glasses usa anteojos Latin America
      • An air bubble in water that is shaped like a normal glass lens would have roughly the opposite effect of the glass lens.
      • Feeling around inside he spots the glass lens of a video camera and pulls it out.
      • This allows you to scrutinize as much of the glass lens elements as possible.
      • A similarly shaped boundary for a glass lens in air was deduced by both Descartes and Huygens.
      • Somewhere outside there was a street lamp, it was caught in the glass, repeated, magnified and diminished, countless times.
      • Pinhole photos look relatively sharp but nothing like the quality produced by a fine glass lens.
      • Etta was a very austere widow who wore a little glass lens on a chain around her neck and held it up to peer at Norm and I whenever she visited us.
      • For shore watching 10 or 12 magnification glasses are better and a telescope on a tripod can be very useful.

    • 3.2field glasses

      prismáticos masculine
      largavistas masculine

  • 4

    • 4.1magnifying glass

      lupa feminine
      lente de aumento feminine

    • 4.2archaic (telescope)

      anteojo masculine archaic
      • When he sat in front of the massive picture window that framed his easel, the glass mirrored his likeness under a mammoth magnolia tree.

  • 5

    the glass is rising/falling la presión (atmosférica / barométrica) está subiendo/bajando
  • 6dated

    espejo masculine
    cristal masculine archaic