Translation of Glaswegian in Spanish:


de Glasgow, adj.

Pronunciation /ɡlæzˈwidʒən//ɡlɑːzˈwiːdʒ(ə)n//ɡlazˈwiːdʒ(ə)n/


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    de Glasgow


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    habitante o persona oriunda de Glasgow
    he's a Glaswegian es de Glasgow
    • They have the same needs as Glaswegians in terms of health services, social welfare, education and advice.
    • But there were also scores of Glaswegians in town as well.
    • In a week when Scotland emerged as the world leader in asthma, it was sadly inevitable that few eyebrows were raised at the statistic that Glaswegians have the lowest life expectancy in Britain.
    • This was the place for promenade concerts, for art galleries and elegant teas, as well as providing Glaswegians with the best in retail therapy.
    • The cruise which heralded her return to service was a suitably quirky occasion, as invited guests mingled with ordinary Glaswegians who had snapped up the remaining tickets.
    • Kelvingrove is cherished by generations of Glaswegians.
    • The fresh Scottish strawberries and raspberries in the shops were once picked by young Glaswegians and Dundonians who wanted some money and fresh air.
    • Compared with a decade or two ago, Glaswegians are less likely to smoke, more likely to eat healthy foods and are more likely to breast feed their children.
    • Edinburgh residents typically countered that Glaswegians were uncouth, and more likely to deliver a Glasgow Kiss as their civic welcome than a European-style peck on the cheek.
    • It found that Glaswegians - who are among the unhealthiest people in Europe - are some of the most satisfied with their healthcare.
    • It's a history of Glasgow that many Glaswegians are even unaware of.
    • Apart from football, nothing polarises Glaswegians more than property, and when it comes to the bitter rivalry between the southside and Glasgow's bohemian west end, the barbs are keenly felt.
    • Eroded paths will be restored, spectacular viewpoints reinstated and the original design of the ornamental gardens that once charmed Glaswegians brought back to life.
    • However, the club could not continue without a feed through to the senior side of native Glaswegians.
    • He is keen to encourage lifelong learning for more Glaswegians and cites training as key to solving long-term unemployment problems.
    • The similarities between Buffalo and Glasgow have meant that she finds Glaswegian humour and Glaswegians themselves not unlike the folks back home.
    • There is no doubt that many Glaswegians firmly believe the ruling Scottish establishment looks more favourably upon east than west.
    • The decision of stay-at-home tourists to trade up is putting pressure on seaside resorts, not least the burghers of Blackpool, a traditional bolt-hole for thousands of Glaswegians.
    • I drifted across the United States in my early 20s and like many Glaswegians, have an unrequited love affair with the country.
    • I believe Glaswegians see themselves as being from Glasgow, not south, east or west.