Translation of glean in Spanish:


espigar, v.

Pronunciation /ɡliːn//ɡlin/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Nor should investors hesitate to push for a more aggressive approach if they realise there is little growth to be gleaned in the domestic market.
    • They gleaned and gathered fuel, nuts, berries, mushrooms, and acorns.
    • In the open-field areas of northern France they could glean after harvest and their cattle could graze on the stubble.
    • Third, commoning is a collective endeavor as depicted, for example, in the many paintings of gleaning the harvest.
    • Political correspondents tried every tactic to glean a name, but even the collective force of the media could not undo this seasoned pro.
    • After the harvest the peasants enjoyed the collective right to glean and to graze livestock on the stubble.
    • They were not to glean their fields for stray grain, nor harvest the corners.
  • 2

    (knowledge/information/facts) recoger
    (facts/information/knowledge) cosechar
    to glean sth from sth/sb
    • figures gleaned from the official year book cifras extraídas del anuario oficial
    • we can glean some hope from what he told us lo que nos dijo es bastante esperanzador
    • I gleaned from her that … de lo que dijo deduje que …
    • More prosaic information to be gleaned from the house-buying public includes the statistic that 71% of couples say that buying a house is a joint decision.
    • That data was gleaned and resold by the agencies to news media, market researchers and other retailers.
    • Much valuable information may again be gleaned from the internet with reference to what is required for that type of production.
    • These learning modules use simple, easy-to-understand language and contain a wealth of information gleaned from various sources.
    • Most of the detail was gleaned from features and letters in this newspaper.
    • Much has been written elsewhere about the state of the wreck itself, and more information can be gleaned from the expedition website.
    • So what can we glean from our collection of titles?
    • Gradually I gleaned the truth from a thousand tales of mystery and woe.
    • Much information could be gleaned from them, since in their state of sleep and partial awareness they could do little but sit, watch and wait.
    • Some information can be gleaned from variation in spelling.
    • Although returns from individual sector funds will be hard to predict using a benchmark's historical performance, there is valuable information to be gleaned from the way the overall sector moves.
    • The following information has been gleaned from interviews and research pertaining to the dangers of radiation.
    • Much information is gleaned from secondary sources or has been covered in more detail elsewhere by previous authors.
    • Information was gleaned from operating reports dictated for the surgical procedures and available for review.
    • I use junk to fix things and glean new ideas and inspiration.
    • In another area of the wireless industry, privacy advocates have emphasized the potential for misuse of the location information that can be gleaned from cell phone signals.
    • Greater insights can be gleaned on how collective action is central to adaptive capacity at various scales by case-specific research.
    • Only scanty information could be gleaned from POWs.
    • Most of her war information is gleaned from her twice-weekly phone chats with her husband.
    • Other marketing information is gleaned from forms filled out in return for free health screenings at malls.