Translation of glide in Spanish:


deslizarse, v.

Pronunciation: /ɡlaɪd//ɡlʌɪd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (move smoothly)
    (person/door/dancer) deslizarse
    the skater glided over the ice el patinador se deslizaba sobre el hielo
    • the duchess glided into the room la duquesa entró majestuosamente en la habitación
    • the waiters glided among the tables los camareros se movían con fluidez por entre las mesas
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (plane/bird/glider) planear
      • You may see stiff-winged fulmars gliding effortlessly, or hear them cackling as they sit precariously on ledges incubating single eggs.
      • An owl glided nearby, wings whispering upon the darkness, huge eyes searching for slight movements in the sea of darkness.
      • I shoved the nose down, glided in and hit the water with a good whap.
      • If no prey is sighted the bird glides forward or circles a few times before hovering once more over new ground.
      • As the birds glided through the clouds with great ease, he wondered exactly where his life was going.
      • The aircraft then glided to a splashdown into the Pacific Ocean.
      • Both circled high over the estuary, sharply-pointed wings alternately flapping and gliding as the great birds searched for ducks and waders.
      • I saw about eight soaring hawks, four gliding herons, and roughly 2,000 dazzling picture-postcard views.
      • Flapping flight is distinguished from gliding by synchronous oscillations of the forelimbs.
      • If you bounce, maintain the crosswind correction so you'll glide straight ahead, rather than bounce sideways into a side-load condition.
      • He watched the two birds glide away over the waves, an apprehensive glint in his eye.
      • Then they landed on the water and glided forward before taking flight again.
      • Then, the engines are powered back and the airplane glides over the top of the arch with just enough power (jet thrust) to overcome air friction and drag.
      • Though he had years of experience in gliding, the intrepid experimenter's heart was pounding.
      • I remember kicking off the side of the aircraft, gliding, and then popping my flotation.
      • Vakho sat glued to his binoculars watching raptors glide the thermals.
      • Despite his own aircraft being damaged, he glided back to base with a dead engine and crash-landed near Folkstone.
      • Parachuting could have evolved into gliding and finally into active flight.
      • It is believed they can sleep while in flight, gliding on air currents and staying aloft without flapping for hours or even days at a time.
      • The plane glided for 19 minutes and blew most of its tires on landing.
      • Floating high above the clouds, she saw birds glide gracefully around her.
      • I looked up and saw a serpent eagle gliding smoothly in the air.
      • The vehicle was launched from a catapult and snagged as it glided off the launch rails.
      • After gliding down to a wheat field, the cylinder was found swinging under the engine, still attached by the spark plug wires.
      • Shortly after dawn, a group of massive, white-shouldered birds glides over the lake in search of breakfast.
      • The missiles glided through the air crashing through the remaining soldiers.
      • It lost power in all its engines, but glided long enough to exit the ash cloud and get the engines working again.
      • Further, the advanced Me 163 quickly ran short of fuel, then glided back to base.
      • Everybody pushes the airplane until it glides, then they jump on and let the plane coast until it hits the ground again.
      • After the successful test flight, Altair glided to a landing on the remote desert runway.
      • On a beautiful autumn morning in the nation's capital I am gliding above the city in the Air Force-piloted ADF balloon and it is magnificent.
      • It continued towards me, floating across the floor with the ease of a little white sea bird gliding over the surface of the waves.
      • The pilot and his crew had baled out and the aircraft had glided into the sea, coming to rest on a reef with its nose in 60m and its tail in 70m of water.
      • You have to assume engine shut-down at any time and be able to glide to a landing.
      • Cries of the forest animals and the great birds of the night glided across the treetops.
      • During tracking sessions, notes were made on whether the falcons were gliding in circles or in a straight flight path.
      • She leaped over another fallen tree and watched as the bird glided over.
      • A few birds glided in the stormy sea of a swirling wind.
      • In flight the wings have a ragged, moth-like appearance as this bird glides to and fro at a tremendous height.

    • 2.2(pilot a glider)

      volar sin motor


  • 1

    (through air) planeo masculine
    (over ground, ice) deslizamiento masculine
  • 2

    (metal stud)
    tope de metal masculine
  • 3

    (track for drawers, curtains, sliding doors)
    riel masculine
  • 4

    ligadura feminine