Translation of glider in Spanish:


planeador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlʌɪdə//ˈɡlaɪdər/


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    • 1.1Aviation

      planeador masculine
      before noun glider pilot piloto de planeador masculine
      • During the war, the airfield was used by Dakota aircraft and gliders preparing for the D-Day and Arnhem landings.
      • Prior to this time, he had been concerned with gliders and fixed-wing aircraft and, in 1918, designed a tri-motor bomber for the Spanish Air Force.
      • While most gliders are towed, then released, by a powered aircraft, some gliders are equipped with engine power to reach their target altitude.
      • The pilot controls the glider with a stick.
      • The nose pitched down and the glider rotated over its right leading edge.
      • Using gliders, helicopters, remote-controlled models, micro-light aircraft and balloons the filmmakers were able to get the stunning footage.
      • He served as a glider pilot in the Army during the Second World War.
      • Below is a list of demo gliders we will have for pilots to fly.
      • In the first section the tow aircraft pulled the glider to the required altitude.
      • After the chute was inflated the glider rotated a few times and righted itself.
      • Another design was a multi-wing glider called the Katydid.
      • But simulating a glider landing in a hostile environment wasn't easy.
      • He had some real success with this high performance tandem glider.
      • The motto came into being after one of the gliders crashed in a night-time training accident.
      • Single surface gliders are so much fun to fly.
      • I used my monkey bar technique and had no problem controlling the glider.
      • Given today's gliders, getting a pilot to soar is not a problem.
      • I continue to wonder why I can't learn to fly flex wing gliders.
      • She took part in a week which saw both tandem and solo jumps, trips in gliders and sightseeing aircraft.
      • The club owns about 40 gliders, split into trainers and intermediate gliders.

    • 1.2Aviation

      piloto de vuelo sin motor masculine
      • If the ancestor was not a glider, then its wings must have developed from another function of the arms.
      • That principle is also at work in the spread between the feathers on the wing tips of the best low-speed gliders, such as vultures and hawks.
      • One scholar, for instance, suggested that flapping movements first evolved in a glider to improve maneuvering and/or braking.
      • True flyers can thus move horizontally or even ascend at a steady speed, unlike gliders and parachuters (unless a strong wind carries one up).
      • Like more familiar gliders, such as flying squirrels, flying snakes are not actually able to fly upward.
      • Some researchers have proposed that the first pterosaurs were bipedal or quadrupedal arboreal gliders, but these hypotheses do not incorporate a robust phylogenetic and functional basis.
      • With large, broad wings, anhingids are excellent aerial soarers and gliders.
      • Gliding is in some senses a modified form of parachuting, in which lift forces are produced by an airfoil-type membrane, so most gliders could also be considered part-time parachuters.
      • A pelican is principally a glider, he notes.
      • Move on now to consider gliders and parachuters.
      • And like flying squirrels, these anomalurids are accomplished gliders, leaping from the tops of trees and capable of agile bends and changes of direction.
      • Already, however, they were adept gliders and had become familiar with their territory.
      • Acrobates is a glider and has gliding membrane running from wrist to ankle.
      • So even though a change from gliding to flapping might be an easy idea to swallow, neither the several independently evolved gliders nor the fossil record lend it any support.
      • The question is, once it was airborne, was it just a glider, a weakly flapping flyer, or a strong flyer?

  • 2US

    (swinging seat)
    mecedora feminine
    • She flopped back down into the glider, setting it swinging wildly for a moment.
    • He sat back down on the porch glider, and continued with his widdle work.
    • As a bonus, you also have the opportunity to build two other benches, including a rocking patio glider and a gazebo bench, at a special price.
    • When Claudette opened the back door she found him on the back porch already, sitting patiently on the glider, as though he hadn't expected to see her for a while.
    • Music leaked softly from the windows behind him, when he'd resumed his seat on the glider.
    • Her eyes settled on a glider on the other side of the porch.