Translation of glissando in Spanish:


ligadura, n.

Pronunciation /ɡləˈsɑndoʊ//ɡlɪˈsandəʊ/


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    ligadura feminine
    • It has main melody lines which alternate in each year at such a speed that they become one with the whole like a glissando despite being discrete notes.
    • The vast array of techniques explored in the 20th century, the lead often taken by jazz musicians, included a wide variety of glissandos, multiphonics, microtones, expressive attacks, and mutes.
    • But from the opening, mysterious, string glissandi, the orchestra seemed to miss the haunting atmospherics of Britten's score.
    • The initial ‘Meditation’ is very troubled, with hectic glissandos and fitful ostinatos.
    • Within these prohibitive technical limitations, the performer is asked to make rapid scalic runs and, in one place, semiquaver leaps, and the piece ends with a double glissando.