Translation of gloat in Spanish:


regodearse, v.

Pronunciation /ɡləʊt//ɡloʊt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to gloat over sth regodearse / refocilarse con algo
    • they gloated over her failure/suffering se regodeaban / se refocilaban con su fracaso/sufrimiento
    • he gloats over his success se deleita / se regodea con su éxito
    • Had the consequences not been so tragic and desperately inhumane, we would have been excused for gloating.
    • Not gloating, but out of respect, we knew the enormity of what we had achieved.
    • Smiling to herself, she gloated silently in her triumph of being the first one in the kitchen; therefore having first dibs on all of the food.
    • ‘Of course, it was from my help that you passed,’ he gloated with a big triumphant smile.
    • There may be those who are secretly gloating about all this.
    • No, I'm not gloating, because too much pain has been caused.
    • I knew you knew it would work out this way but gloating like that is, well, just tacky.
    • Sorry, but I just have to gloat a bit here.
    • I sneaked a glance over at him and gloated silently.
    • "You can't do anything, " she was already gloating over her victory.
    • I could only imagine how much Claire was going to gloat over her sudden victory.
    • This helped me to be a great deal less judgmental and to avoid gloating at the misfortune of others.
    • He is too well-mannered to gloat openly although there is a suggestion of a gleam in his eyes.
    • Marshall gloated with a big successful grin on his face.
    • Of course one shouldn't forget about prizes and giving the winners an opportunity to gloat a bit!
    • My company launched a woman's forum, newspapers gloated over successful women and hotels and boutiques offered discounts to lady patrons.
    • But before gloating at their discomfort, the government has its own manifesto dilemma.
    • And, no, I didn't gloat or say anything mean about politics.
    • While the Left Party is gloating over its unexpected election success, a grand coalition will go into action.
    • But he is not gloating over his victory.