Translation of globe in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɡloʊb//ɡləʊb/


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    • 1.1(world)

      the globe el globo
      • Not only has the idea of schooling spread across the globe but, argue world culture theorists, schooling all over the world takes the same general form.
      • On the other hand, there is a rich anecdotal history of brands that have come out of nowhere and marched across the globe to world domination.
      • With little spare output capacity around the globe, analysts worry that oil producers would have a difficult time making up for shortfalls at a time of robust demand.
      • These records indicate that the globe has had numerous ice-ages and warm periods in the past.
      • Informed consumers and businesses around the globe are adopting this technology at a phenomenal rate.
      • Conversations with students from all over the globe have made her world grow by leaps and bounds.
      • The company assists businesses and individuals across the globe in realizing their full potential.
      • His textbook has since been translated into nine different languages and is used by students at universities around the globe.
      • Arctic weather patterns have become a closely watched field in recent years because the region's climate is changing at a much faster pace than that of the rest of the globe.
      • He believes Britain has some of the best schools and universities in the globe.
      • I think the European heatwave was rather local, it has affected the whole of Europe but on average there has been no increase in temperature over the whole globe.
      • Owing to the advances in the growing field of information technology, colleges and universities around the globe have begun offering Internet-based courses.
      • While evidence continues to mount that humans are heating the globe, the world's nations squabble over a complex fix too timid to solve the problem.
      • Millions are used in factories, hospitals, universities around the globe for radiology, calibrating instruments and research.
      • Circumnavigation of the globe changed the world from a flat map to a 3D sphere.
      • In 1999, over 1800 delegates from around the globe attended the UNESCO World Conference on Science.
      • You know when the world is small when a kid in the garage can affect computers across the globe within 24 hours.
      • The overwhelming majority of the world's scientists now agree this is gradually warming the globe, and could see temperatures rise by as much as 6 degrees centigrade this century.
      • Jazz musicians across the globe have strutted various worlds of music.
      • ‘It is a window to find new places and to tell readers around the globe about the world, its culture, its science and its nature,’ he said at the launch.

    • 1.2(model)

      globo terráqueo masculine
      • Incidentally, globes representing the Earth are often made this way using a regular dodecagon as the equatorial base.
      • On the parliament building, a giant globe looked like another planet, half dark, half lit.
      • Mapping out a giant globe is not easy, but luckily I am a super whiz at geometry.
      • Each image above shows the globe of Phoebe, centered at the given longitude.
      • The goal was to see if they could take the globe's touch-sensitive surface and apply it to paper.
      • People in medieval Europe had chamber pots camouflaged in the shape of a giant leather-bound English classic on a wooden stool, ornate sofa chairs or even giant globes sitting on elaborately carved wooden frames.
      • The opening scene from Casablanca, featuring a rotating globe and newsreel voiceover, blurs fictional and documentary forms.
      • This was common practice during the Renaissance, when the same craftsmen made both celestial spheres and Earth globes.
      • A seven-foot-tall statue at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, Italy, shows the god Atlas kneeling with a globe weighing on his shoulders.
      • He also fashioned one of the earliest surviving solid wooden globes made in America.
      • The globes, massive representations of the map of the earth and the map of the stars, were offered as gifts to the King of France, Louis XIV.
      • I rationalized this time span by calculating the surface area of the globe: 21 square feet.
      • To capture the effect of the shifting oceans, the globe rotates at one revolution per minute, while 67 internal lights slowly change the crystal oceans from blue to green to white.
      • The engraved numbers from 1 to 24 on the globe's equator rotate, showing local time.
      • The pin, which was small and had no legible writing, most obviously contained a two-dimensionable representation of the globe, with an eagle above it.
      • Before its acquisition, the library's collection of approximately seventy globes from before 1900 consisted entirely of European and American examples.
      • Before, a good 70 per cent of people buying a globe or a framed map of the world said, ‘Is it going to match my furniture?’

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    (lampshade) globo masculine
    (esférica) (goldfish bowl) pecera feminine
    • Divert the eye with stylish planting, such as a bed of Iceberg roses underplanted with Pulmonaria ‘Sissinghurst White’, contained by large boxwood globes.
    • It flexed its toes, opened giant wings, and soared off its globe, out over the rooftops of the great city, down to the small curled body on the pavement.
    • I see oriental paper globes hanging like decomposing cocoons while exotic candles overload the dusty air with their stale perfume
    • There's a couple of blue-glazed ceramic globes in the garden, good for an unfocussed gaze.
    • Others were a little eccentric and gave away yo-yos, 3D paper buses and stress globes.
    • Banks of white arum lilies and the blue globes of agapanthus lined the Levada do Norte, along with oleander bushes in full bloom.
    • The fruit and veg stalls were amazing, piled high with fantastic looking produce, plum tomatoes, giant mangos, mountains of artichoke globes, cauliflowers bigger than footballs.
    • Located in front of the white EPOCS Specter, are two solid black globes moving with precision in the space above the awed technicians.
    • We call these solids Archimedean globes in honor of Archimedes, who treated the case n = 4.
    • It resembled a globe on a cylinder, with two nacelles.
    • Translucent yellow globes dangle from long chains over a rectangle of couches and uncomfortable bamboo chairs.
    • I asked if the globes looked red or purple and the gentleman said, as they were driving past in the car, that they were not sure whether they were purple or more of a red colour.
    • The globes sell for about $350, but officials estimated that it could be worth $5,000 or more due to its historical interest.
    • The radar can spot both horizontal and vertical reflections, which are presented as globes on a grid.
    • It's even less traditional up the stairwells where giant alien globes have landed, masquerading as light fittings.
    • For a moment, the immense globes of her eyes are convex mirrors in which we might, were this not a picture, witness our own gaze.
    • We are also told to post little globes everywhere.
    • You will undoubtedly discover that spiky misshapen globes, with occasional squidgy and sticky bits, are not the easiest things to hold for a long time.
    • The two fish were paired with fresh vegetables and tiny fried potato globes, which were all brought nicely together by a rich cream sauce and punctuated with a brilliant red burst of caviar.
    • The massive ship's boilers were easily recognised, piercing the gloom like giant globes.