Translation of glorious in Spanish:


maravilloso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlɔːrɪəs//ˈɡlɔriəs/


  • 1

    (view/sight/weather) maravilloso
    (weather/view/sight) espléndido
    (view/weather/sight) soberbio
    I had the glorious feeling that … tuve la maravillosa sensación de que …
    • some glorious howlers unos errores de antología
    • Letting out a sigh, she turned to the lake, silently viewing its glorious wonders.
    • It was her first visit to the glorious city and I was keen to get her initial impression.
    • Like me, many of the hotel guests simply wanted to unwind, chill out and view the glorious changing scenery.
    • Instead they have been brought back to their glorious best and rehabilitated as homes, offices, cafés and shops.
    • Just the thing for Swaledale's glorious and famous traditional hay meadows which are best in June and July.
    • The weather was glorious, the view amazing, the food delicious.
    • Strolling into the glorious sunshine, we were immediately impressed by the sights.
    • The Hampden of that time was glorious in its shabby splendour.
    • Since we left at four in the morning, I got a glorious view the sun rise over the jungle.
    • But it is a glorious late autumn afternoon, and the study window is open.
    • For sure it has a wealth of exceptional buildings and a glorious urban beauty.
    • We can thank author Elisabeth Beresford for making famous this glorious expanse of open space.
    • In less than a mile it takes in glorious views of Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill and Princes Street Gardens.
    • I anticipated a glorious view from the summit or some clearing where I could see Sligo from this new vantage.
    • In addition, the tree has beautiful peeling bark not unlike that of Eucalyptus species, and glorious autumn colour.
    • It is well reputed for its fine teaching but the pinnacle of its fame is its glorious chapel with its murals of intricate artwork.
    • You can lounge in the bath and look out the window to glorious views to the west and south-west over the roofs of the oldest part of Tunbridge Wells.
    • The fresh green leaves in spring will turn a glorious golden yellow in autumn and are light and easy to sweep up when they finally fall.
    • He stood there for a few minutes looking onto the glorious beauty of the forest below.
    • America is supposedly a land of great natural beauty but I have found nothing to compare with those glorious Welsh hills.
    • Sure, his inner beauty might be glorious, but visually he's more like a Quasimodo.
    • I think that's all the news this morning, apart from the fact that it's finally stopped raining and it's a glorious autumn day.
  • 2

    (deserving glory)
    (victory/deed) glorioso
    we are gathered to honor the glorious dead nos hemos reunido para honrar a los caídos por la patria
    • Rarely, however, has potential upset turned into such glorious victory in the time it takes the eye to close and re-open.
    • It would be tragic if we backed off now, when revolution is gathering momentum for a glorious victory.
    • It was a glorious way to bring up the century for the season.
    • He loved being wound up, made the impending victory all the more glorious.
    • This, friends, is the glorious future he has spread out before him.
    • Then this beginning expanded, building itself a palace, worthy of glorious praise.
    • For one club the journey home will be triumphant and glorious for the other it will be mournful and bitter.
    • This is the tenth anniversary of a glorious victory - and it is also a memorial.
    • They had sailed back to England the following week after a glorious victory at Crecy.
    • To burden you with so many new things will lead to a tragic end rather then a glorious future.
    • He is the last member of a glorious tradition and a legend by himself.
    • The blues has a complex and glorious history, but does it have a future?
    • He has presided over the transition of the team from one glorious generation to the next in exemplary fashion.
    • He even anchored the Canadian 4x100m relay team to glorious victory over the Americans.
    • The city combines beauty with picturesque association of a glorious past.
    • This event was hailed as a glorious triumph, in which all of mankind was united in celebration.
    • Nevertheless, there are already those predicting a glorious future for him in the paid ranks.
    • It is time to get over our memories about the brief ignominious period and look forward to a much more glorious future.
    • So, in his honour, we take time out today to mourn his passing and celebrate his brief but glorious career.
    • That glorious event will finally bring life, light, fire and love to their complete fruition.