Translation of glory in Spanish:


gloria, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlɔri//ˈɡlɔːri/


  • 1

    gloria feminine
    I mustn't take all the glory, everybody helped el mérito no es solo mío, todos me ayudaron
    • she deserved more of the glory than she in fact received se merecía más honores de los que de hecho recibió
    • I'm entitled to bask in a little reflected glory tengo derecho a disfrutar un poco del triunfo ajeno
    • He also delighted in seeing the girls team achieve such honour and glory over the past five years.
    • If it's about glory, style and achievement than the current regime is a massive failure.
    • His greatest wish would be that they would carry the torch in the years ahead and lead his club to further honour and glory.
    • Moreover, his character suggests that he was neither a power monger, nor a glory seeker.
    • They came from two proud rival cities, with honour, glory and passion at stake.
    • The honour and glory of the colours were now fore-most in the players mind.
    • This terrifying vision fits perfectly well with the desire for honour and glory that the neo-conservative gentlemen covet.
    • One can't help but suspect that the motive behind the Italian researcher's efforts is rooted in gaining glory and renown rather than altruism.
    • Straussians are believers in glory and honour - pre-modern values.
    • On one hand, everyone had a chance for a little glory.
    • If he survived this he would bring greater glory to himself.
    • Now its up to the bunch of players to regain the lost Olympic glory.
    • Newspapers said she had showered her motherland with glory and honour, and dignitaries clamoured for her presence.
    • The fact that they probably will is to be a short-lived glory.
    • For club and county it is about bringing honour and glory to one's native heath, family, friends and neighbours and the people you were brought up with.
    • We shall fight not for glory or honour, but for the very sovereignty of our kingdom!
    • Prisons, for all their horrors, were about loyalty to the cause, about honour, about glory.
    • The heroic deeds of this brave and noble Irishman have brought honour and glory to his native land.
    • This group of young lads are to be congratulated on bringing honour and glory to their parishes.
    • It will be nice to see a good attendance showing support for this bunch of young fellows who have brought honour and glory to their parishes.
  • 2

    (beauty, magnificence)
    esplendor masculine
    gloria feminine
    its former glory su antigua gloria
    • the glory of the system is that … lo espléndido / lo maravilloso del sistema está en que …
    • If we are successful, we can begin to restore this once majestic ancient woodland to its former glory.
    • The fabric of the century-old castle, built for a wealthy English industrialist, is crumbling and more than £5m needs to be spent to restore it to its former glory.
    • Work has begun to return a Scarborough beauty spot to its former glory with a £100,000 facelift by engineers.
    • The eventual aim is to restore Swindon's stately home to its former Georgian glory.
    • But when the sports teams fled and the hi-tech craze bottomed out taking so many lives with it, what was left was the shell of former economic glory.
    • Retaining its magnificence and glory, Surakarta Keraton, along with the Mangkunegaran Fort, has continued to serve as a symbol of Javanese culture.
    • It has lost its Royal status but not his beauty and glory.
    • The fountain, donated to the town in 1882 by textile giant George Courtauld, has been dismantled and taken away for renovation to be reinstated later in its former glory.
    • Experts predict that around $2 million will be needed to restore this majestic lady to her former glory.
    • And, in its bizarre, magnificent glory, it's a startling and exciting sight.
    • It is said that, Poseidon, the god of the seas, gave the sunken civilisation the power to exist and flourish beneath the sea, until it could be returned to its former glory.
    • The great Chinese traveller Huien Tsang visited this place and wrote of its glory and beauty.
    • The owners of the building that houses the main Post Office want to spend £100,000 on restoring the town centre landmark to its former glory.
    • After the recent copious rains, it has regained its past glory and filled up almost to the brim.
    • If Lottery backing is approved, a five-year project will see the grounds of the Georgian stately home restored to their former glory.
    • This system has been found to be the most suited for restoring to the art forms their former glory, by enabling revivals, innovations and creative elaboration.
    • We work very hard to restore this magnificent building to its former glory and this is a very obvious setback.
    • It is the original Atlantic Coastline station and has been restored to its original beauty and glory.
    • The committee can feel proud of their efforts and this award is due recognition for the amount of hard work and time that was invested in restoring the Shrine to it's former glory so to speak.
    • Bright blues, reds and yellows streak the canvas depicting beauty in all its glory.
  • 3

    gloria feminine
    glory to God in the highest gloria a Dios en las alturas
    • as exclamation glory be! ¡bendito sea (el Señor)!
  • 4

    gloria feminine
    • All we can know is that we are poor lost sinners and Jesus Christ came from glory to save such.
    • We give thanks for those whose gifts and labours have helped rebuild this holy place and to make it again an image of the glory of heaven.
    • As Jesus prays, heaven's glory opens and God's Spirit-dove descends upon him.
    • The return of Christ in power and glory is the greatest expected future event.
    • As God's children, we are destined for nothing less than the glory of heaven.
    • To give too much attention to the world was to overlook part of the glory that lay in Heaven.
    • This is an example of the ways in which Satan and his followers attempt to mimic the glory and splendor of heaven in hell.
    • Every desire is either a devout or a distorted enticement to the glory of heaven.
    • They experience spiritual bliss and divine glory according to their individual spiritual capacities.
    • For example, Christians generally believe that you will live in sedate glory alongside the Lord Almighty and his holy entourage in heaven.
    • An infinite world of heavenly glory awaits us every time we lift our hearts up to heaven to worship Jesus and receive his love.
    • One side showed the resurrected Christ in full glory.
    • The only glory of which he has spoken will come in heaven, after his resurrection.
    • The incentive of gaining glory and escaping hell - of desiring joy in heaven - is a perfectly valid and scriptural motivation.
    • Christ comes in glory to make all creation whole and safe.
    • Hymns, praising the glories of heaven and the peace of all God's creatures in his halls.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be proud of)
    to glory in sth/-ing enorgullecerse de algo
    • Political relics of the 70s are fomenting a ‘stop the tour’ wave of hysteria, glorying in the echoes of their salad days.
    • It will leave you celebrating our national character and glorying in the beauty and oddness of the human spirit.
    • He is politically incorrect, and glories in it with ecstatic gloat.
    • She relished combat and gloried in opposition.
    • Black-eyed and skeletal, she seemed to be almost glorying in her predicament.
    • There is nothing that they want or are asking for; they just are glorying in their destructive power.
    • Citizens of a newly formed Protestant nation that gloried in its hard won independence from Catholic Europe, they painted not for rich nobles, but for the common man.
    • Others take pride in an array of quality cookware, or glory in the grunt under the bonnet.
    • In Johnson's England ambitious politicians had been cloaking themselves in patriotism since the 1730s, and George III himself had begun his reign glorying in the name of Britain.
    • Yet I'm feeling sad for all those who cannot glory in the beauty of Spring because their hearts are filled with despair, hatred and revenge.
    • And not that we should be glorying in that; we shouldn't.
  • 2

    (take pleasure in)
    to glory in sth/-ing disfrutar de algo
    • she gloried in her rival's pain se regodeaba con el dolor de su rival