Translation of glossary in Spanish:


glosario, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɡlɑsəri//ˈɡlɒs(ə)ri//ˈɡlɔsəri/

nounPlural glossaries

  • 1

    glosario masculine
    • The glossary contains explanations of abbreviations and terms used in this pamphlet.
    • We are frequently faced with a translation that has many source language words, and a glossary longer than the text itself.
    • So a few words in the glossary were inadequately defined?
    • In all, you can access up to 150 dictionaries, glossaries and reference works about the word you're exploring.
    • Since the topic is technical, we have included a small glossary of Sanskrit words at the end of this issue.
    • There is a glossary, along with lists of endangered and threatened taxa and references.
    • Indeed it seemed so unfamiliar to would-be patrons that the menu came with an explanatory glossary of unfamiliar ingredients.
    • It is especially useful that words defined in the glossary are in bold in the text.
    • A listing of authors and a glossary of words can be found at the end of the book.
    • The 260 pages end with a brief glossary and a few references for further reading.
    • As well as becoming a best seller it also contained a glossary of Lancashire words and phrases he collected over the years.
    • You find a question and answer section, a glossary, a list of books, a dealer's list and more.
    • The book would have gained substantially from a glossary and a bibliography of secondary sources on the subject.
    • The fact sheet, brief history, glossary and list of abbreviations are also invaluable additions.
    • At the end of the book there is a brief glossary of terms used throughout the text.
    • Likewise, she points out, she has never chosen to include glossaries to demystify certain words for an overseas readership.
    • The text is broken down into four chapters, a glossary, lists of trees by category, and an index.
    • A glossary giving a brief explanation of many technical terms reinforces this impression.
    • Each chapter is followed by a brief summary and a glossary of key terms.
    • It also contains one of the most comprehensive glossaries of local words and expressions to be found outside specialist books.