Translation of glue in Spanish:


goma de pegar, n.

Pronunciation: /ɡluː//ɡlu/


  • 1

    goma de pegar feminine
    pegamento masculine
    to sniff glue esnifar pegamento slang
    • wood glue cola de carpintero
    • before noun glue pen pegamento tipo lápiz
    • The lid was sealed down, and two heavy duty magnets were stuck to the lid, using glue to hold the box on the underside of the car.
    • The self-assembly chairs, tables and sofas fit together without screws or glue.
    • Madeleine brushed a streak of glue next to the Polaroid and stuck the green paper to the wall.
    • The next day I woke up and my eyes had swollen and were stuck together with what seemed like glue.
    • I used a strong epoxy glue to secure both the swivel and the brass rod in position.
    • The substance was finally identified as white PVA adhesive, a type of industrial glue.
    • This kind of glue will stick to animal tissue as well as to metals and other materials.
    • Hannah found some scissors, material and glue, while Ton found paints and paintbrushes.
    • The glue used was an epoxy resin of which two types were employed for different reasons.
    • Then designate him as the control, and stick to him like glue for the rest of the night.
    • Squeeze a dot of glue in the middle of the stick and press the face bead in it until set.
    • Modern items use bought-in material like glues and plastic resins which are not produced locally.
    • The meat was being made to adhere together due, basically, to toxic glue.
    • Adhesives and glues are substances that are capable of bonding two solid materials together at their surfaces.
    • Researchers plan to use the substance as a sort of glue for teeth-straightening braces.
    • Every day she would proudly leave the Club with some brilliant construction in lolly sticks, paint and glue.
    • The Chantelle Bleau Memorial Fund has spent the past six years campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers of volatile substances such as glues, gasses and aerosols by visiting schools.
    • Most shoemakers work in big factories where conditions are usually unhealthy because of the noise and working with chemical substances such as glues, solvents and dressings.
    • The glue supplied to stick nail on nail would do a sterling job of adhering the girders of the Forth Bridge together.
    • So I decided to make it thicker by adding a rubber layer, again glued with neoprene glue.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (in carpentry) encolar
    fold the edges and glue them down doblar los bordes y pegarlos
    • she glued the pieces together pegó las piezas
  • 2

    keep your eyes glued on the road no apartes la vista de la carretera
    • he was glued to the television estaba pegado a la televisión