Translation of gnash in Spanish:


Pronunciation /næʃ//naʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to gnash one's teeth hacer rechinar los dientes
    • we left him gnashing his teeth with rage lo dejamos rechinando los dientes muerto de rabia
    • I imagine she's spent many nights since gnashing her teeth, even as I grit mine thinking of her pain.
    • Should we clean our teeth before gnashing them in anger at another signal failure?
    • Junko thought in anger as she gnashed her teeth.
    • This must have had wildlife campaigners gnashing their teeth, but it doesn't seem to have upset the animals, which got to me before I'd even had breakfast.
    • Just a year ago, people were gnashing their teeth that the US was lost and it was time to leave to friendlier climes.
    • She gnashed her teeth together and narrowed her eyes.
    • Kathleen gnashed her teeth together as the backlash rolled through her mind and stabbed at her heart.
    • Alex reached in and extracted what looked like a crocodile head that was gnashing its teeth together menacingly.
    • I'm not gnashing my teeth at finishing second so often - and some of them have been painful, believe me.
    • Many readers will at this stage not be able to read this column as they will scrunching up their fists, biting their nails, gnashing their teeth and chomping furiously on all forms of chewing gum!
    • When I last checked in on their message board (some time in March, I think?) to see if there was word of a UK tour, all the UK fans were still gnashing their teeth over the absence of plans.
    • Heathcliff is routinely described during the course of the narrative as grinding, clenching, and gnashing his teeth.
    • I am sure that there are plenty of Republicans grinning, and Democrats gnashing their teeth, right now… but at least the rest of us will get an interesting show.
    • We had some other outings and play dates and none of these events ended with my son gnashing his teeth and throwing objects at other's heads.
    • The avalanche scene will be the talking point of the film, which was, in a word, spectacular, but my favourite bit was when Diesel is staring at a brick wall and starts crying and gnashing his teeth.
    • OK, I'll stop wailing and gnashing my teeth now.
    • He gnashed his teeth together and fumed silently.
    • These people are, of course, the wild things crowding the shore, roaring and gnashing their teeth, rolling their eyes and showing their claws.
    • I am now finished my series of books and gnashing my teeth because the next in the series isn't published until later this year, so I've taken to re-reading the series that Brett has brought along.
    • When they announced they were going on a cruise, I was gnashing my teeth thinking, how could they abandon their babysitting duties?