Translation of go-ahead in Spanish:


emprendedor, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɡoʊ əˌhɛd//ˈɡəʊəhɛd/



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    (person) emprendedor
    (person) decidido
    (person) con empuje
    (company) dinámico
    (attitude) emprendedor
    (attitude) decidido
    (attitude) positivo
    • Friday I am seeing some very go-ahead graphic designers in North Walsham who have come up with some very innovative campaigning ideas.
    • It must have wounded this ambitious, go-ahead politician obviously determined to make his mark on the world with his innovative ideas.
    • David C used to be a trendy go-ahead researcher in Central Office and very cliquey.
    • Blackpool has always been a go-ahead place and in recent years successful attempts have been made to extend the season.
    • To the right of us, the young, go-ahead dynamic couple with a kid that is only 5 but is already signed up to play for Liverpool F.C. have just had their entire front garden block paved.
    • ‘Manchester, an exciting, go-ahead city, is well geared up for it,’ said the Prime Minister.
    • Though the real world's rough edges may be feeling pretty abrasive, this is still a gung-ho go-ahead time for Fish.
    • It's a dynamic, go-ahead set of people Ken Livingstone's going to be in charge of.
    • There have been major improvements to the eighteen hole course in recent years and it is expected the new facilities will attract many new members to the go-ahead club.
    • I think it's a hard-working school with go-ahead ideas and it is fun to be part of it.
    • Committee member and Blackley MP Graham Stringer, ex-chairman of Manchester Airport, said it was seen as one of the most go-ahead airports.
    • They're becoming a very strong branch with some very go-ahead people.
    • There is a go-ahead spirit which is extremely stimulating… a feeling that anything can be achieved.
    • A go-ahead Bradford business pioneering a radical new energy drink is being backed by a West Yorkshire business initiative.
    • If a man acts in a particular way then they are seen as being ambitious, go-ahead, and driven.
    • If we can consolidate we'll do well, but we are a go-ahead club, we've had to be to get this far.
    • Last year the go-ahead Club opened another nine holes, giving 27 holes in total.
    • Both are go-ahead characters who know what they have to do to reach the top and are prepared to make the sacrifices.
    • Basingstoke is a go-ahead place and the community should not hide its light under a bushel.
    • For many years John was a Director of Listowel Race Company Limited - a real go-ahead man all out to improve Listowel Races in every way possible.


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    to give sb/sth the go-ahead darle luz verde / el visto bueno a algn/algo
    • we got the go-ahead for our plans dieron luz verde / el visto bueno a nuestros planes